Simple Spotlight

Alright, so lately I’ve been stuck as to what to highlight as a Spotlight over the past few weeks. Haven’t been hunting for the hottest/greatest product for the skin/hair for a while. Mostly just been preoccupied with saving a couple pennies like every other free spending broke spirit these days. Definitely penny pinching, yet still I have to say I’ve found time to snag a goodie product a few weeks back.

wipesIt’s been getting colder outside and I’m being forced into the habit of layering up my wardrobe and digging deep into my closet to find those now dusty closed toe shoes. These changes I don’t mind…for the most part. My deal though always seems to be transitioning over to a different skin routine that complies with the change in weather. Frankly, I’m a lazy girl in the winter! I have a harder time getting up in the a.m. and have zero trouble hitting the bed after a long day at work. But what’s usually considered a big beauty don’t, I usually DO. I typically succumb because my eyelids seem to have minds of their own.

I come home from work, rummage to find stuff to cook up for the din din, catch up on the news, hit up some of my favorite blogs/sites, call the folks to say ‘I’m still alive’ and slowly retire to bed only to do it all over again the next day. My night routine is virtually non-existent, on a scale of 1- 10….I’d be kind and place me in the 3’s. To be honest, with a head full of natural hair, time is usually spent on remoisturizing and tying down the hair as opposed to anything else. So rather having to make time to do other things like match my pajamas, wash the dinner dishes or plan out next days outfit, I decided to invest in something that would save time instead.

Now, this is certainly anything but revolutionary, in fact facial wipes have been in women’s beauty routines for a while now. I don’t know, you could call it my paranoid need to read the ingredients in just about every product that goes in my body…or again my laziness, but I never seemed to find the right brand best suited for my sensitive skin. Thankfully, it was when I wasn’t fully searching for something, that Simple Wipes kind of landed in my line of vision. Alcohol free, Fragrance free, Oil free. All essentials if you live in the land of sensitive skin. Without even leaving the comforts of my bed, I’m able to cleanse my face & remove any eye makeup, while the wipes leave my skin…seriously soooo soft and fresh feeling! These have been a must staple in my sub-par routine now for the past several weeks, & at $6 for a pack of 25 it neatly fits into my current budget.

The company’s based out in the UK, but many of their wipes are availble in the U.S. in stores, if you’re in NYC, hit up your local Duane Reade to find, or visit to peruse.

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