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Lately I’ve been feeling a bit…lackluster. Happens most around this time of the year.  The light in the day draws shorter, and I tend to hurry home after work to snuggle underneath the warmth of my sheets.  It’s also my time of the year to turn into a bit of a hermit, sort through my library collection, read all those books on my reading list, and organize my wardrobe and living space.  This is ALWAYS my Fall/Winter activity.  In many ways it keeps me sane and helps to avoid the sometimes inevitable winter blues.  This year is really no different…it’s time again to focus on the four walls and reinvent my living situation.  Last year I painted the walls a dark sea mist blue that I’m still really diggin, yet still left somewhat bare.  Haven’t hung too much up…no paintings or screens to accentuate the mood.  Never had the time, or came across anything too inspirational.  UNTIL….these past few weeks.  Take a peek at these adorable prints & decals from some very creative Etsy sellers.




































How can you choose a favorite? These lovely prints have been floating round the sphere for some time, AphroChic featured them just this past week on her site & I instantly thought it was time to snag a piece before all’s said and done.  All prints can be purchased here at Etsy seller Urban Bazaar.







This is another favorite of mine by  Etsy seller Ten23 Designs, a personalized Decal shop.  This one is available in two sizes, the larger at $50, while the smaller version will run you an easy $24. Decal is made to order, which means you can custom color to suit your own personal style.


4 Comments to “Creative Itch”

  1. I’m really feeling the afro decal. Thanks for the link.

    • I’m leaning towards the fro decal as well…I can really just close my eyes and picture it on my wall

  2. Thank you for the kind words about my decal.

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