Scissor Friendly

curlSo yesterday was finally the day to reassess the situation.  It’d been weeks since I started rambling and complaining about my ends needing to be trimmed.  Just last week I wrestled with so many snarls and knots, I was forced to reach for a pair of scissors, turn a blind eye and snip! It really did feel like the worst kind of defeat, knowing the state of my hair was of my own doing. Shame.on.Me.

Thankfully, with the help of a good friend and a pair of sheers I was able to claim some hair sanity by shedding several inches of damaged colored/fried ends. This had been my dirty little secret for some time…my nicely camouflaged damaged ends.  Each week I’d treat them to EXTRA TLC by sealing and twisting until all was smooth and tucked away.  But with winter, there really is no fooling the harsh winds and the inevitable hat hair, so…what started out as a ‘trim’ transformed into a surprisingly nice hair cut! Ends are now smooth, and the ‘cut’ is layered and happily asymmetrical;-)!

After the cut, the hair was styled with a bit of Afroveda Shea-Amla Whipped Creme and I went about my way.  The twists were medium sized & this morning were undone to rock a short twist out.  NYC’s Indian Summer weather over the past few has been the best blessing in terms of retaining moisture, perfect to let the hair loose for this week without the worry of re-moisturizing each night.

Turns out I’m secretly excited to be sporting a bit of a shorter do.  I lost some length but gained hair health, and the trade off is beyond worth it. My heat damaged fiasco is a mere figment of my imagination these days, and even though I’m still growing out the rest of my hair color from over a year ago, I’m happy to be experiencing a change in my hair routine.  It’d been a while since I did anything beyond washing/conditioning/styling in twists and the week to week Process was resembling a farce. I didn’t want to color my hair, not yet interested in committing to the idea of kinky twists, henna etc., and in my case the happy medium was attained  two-fold by getting rid of the damaged ends & shaping up.

Below are before and afters. The first pic is of last week’s twistout, and the second is my new cut!

Next week I style my new bouffant, and my PJ hands cannot wait!

5 Comments to “Scissor Friendly”

  1. Looks great! Sometimes you just need to take the scissors and go to work. You lose length, but your hair looks so much better! Hey, I’m going to be in NYC at the end of the month — do you know of some good places to for a product junkie to visit?

    • Rhonnie’s spot on, Ricky’s is THE go to place in NYC for hair supplies/products. If you’re in the Brooklyn Area, ‘Back To The Land’ carries Qhemet Biologics and some other nice organic products…Curl Junkie might also still be there

  2. Looks great.

    It’s definitely not worth it to hold on to damaged ends as they travel up the hair shaft so congrats to you for letting go.

    @ urbansista, checking Rickys NYC ( It’s a favorite of EmpressRi’s.

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