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So I’m starting to think my new cut is bringing about some sweet luck!  The lovely CallaLily of BreaKINK New Ground nominated Back To Curly for the Kreativ Blogger Award!


#1. I NEVER win anything

#2. I’m so thankful & flattered, thanks girl!

#3. I have to pass this sweet award to 7 other fab blogs, but if you’re  a regular reader…you might know I suffer from slight agita over picking randomness relative to just about anything! So…off the top of my head here are just a few lovely blogs run by some inspiring groups of ladies;-)!


Leave In The Kinks


The Soap Seduction

Naturally Obsessed

Black Girls Run


Stay Blessed Everyone;-)

*update, so silly! Forgot to mention…rules to accepting are:

Copy and paste award onto your blog/post, nominate 7 other Fab kreativ blogs and do make sure they hear the news by stopping by their blog;-)


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