Holiday Bound

It’s Monday & I’m watching pre-Thanksgiving specials on the Food Network, trying to decide on side dishes for the Holiday, while DC’ing my hair.  A late start to this week’s wash/style due to packing, traveling…complaining about how HOT it is in Florida…but my biggest gripe:


Last year I learned a very valuable lesson while visiting the fam here in the Sunshine State. Hard Water is not my friend…nor my conditioner’s friend, or my Shampoo’s friend.  There’s an instant inability for any of my poos to work up a decent lather, my conditioner fails to adequately condition, rather leaving my strands feeling stripped…and any styler added leaves a vile case of the frizzies.

This year, after touching down and retrieving my luggage I essentially had one goal in mind: Find a water filter. I arrived in Florida early Sunday morning (1am ish), woke up close to 12 noon and made my rounds through the strip malls.  With my parents chastising me on the lengths I would actually go to in order to do my hair, I found a decent candidate at a Bed Bath & Beyond store.  At $47….Ehhh…Expensive, I know!

Swiftly moving on, & Monday morning patrolled a few internet sights, and found another possible candidate at a local Walgreens!! Lucky me, there seems to be a Walgreens every other block in Southern Florida, so didn’t have to travel far. Came away with a filter attachment for the faucet, NOT the shower…more pocket friendly this route.

I’m also thinking…why not try KCCC!? Random, but I’ve got ample time to kill, and I’m going to need it while it dries on my head. This won’t be the first time using the KCCC, but this will be my first time using it post-heat damage.  I’ll update with results & pics, and Process details after all this is done;-)

4 Comments to “Holiday Bound”

  1. Girl I visit Florida often and you are so right about the water. I typically try to wear styles where I know I won’t have to wash my hair during my stay (like braids). You remind me of myself, determined to Master all products and find a solution. Happy Florida Hair Care! Enjoy the holidays 🙂

    • lol, Thanks so much! I was planning on wearing two-strand twists during my time here, but thought what the heck, try something new! Hope your Holidays are great as well;-)

  2. GAHH! I hate hard water! It was a HUGE problem when I was transitioning. Now for some reason, it seems like everything’s a-ok? >.<

    • it’s the worst! I noticed an instant difference once I installed the filter, I wish I had the time to get used to it, would have saved me 16 bucks;-)

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