Day After: KCCC

Would you believe me if I reported:

  1. I Applied Kinky Curly Curling Custard yesterday afternoon
  2. It is now 24 hrs later and my hair is still damp

If you’ve used this product before, we are practically holding hands right about now, am I right?! Well….okay, maybe not.  But honestly I expected no less when I packed up ‘ol KCCC Saturday morning, in hopes of giving it another try in the more forgiving temps promised by Florida weather.

I ended up Pre-pooing Monday afternoon with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, twisted in sections then followed up with a decent scalp lather using Naked Naturals Shea Smoothing Shampoo.  DC’d this week with KBB’s Deep Conditioner for two hours, cold rinsed than ran through the motions…

…Tip # 1. If you’re planning on using KCCC without a leave-in, you’re already on the wrong track.

…Tip #2. If you’re thinking of using an alternative leave-in to the Kinky Curly Knot Today…you’ve made a wrong turn

…Tip # 3. Patience will not only be your friend, you should also make nice with it’s cousins, ‘Trial & Error.’

I applied the KCKT under the Custard in small sections starting from the back, working my way forward…a complete reverse of how I applied it close to a year ago which was in heaps and globs.  Yes, it has a gel-like consistency, but forewarning…it is anything BUT a traditional gel.  If applied on hair that is not sufficiently wet (practically soaking), the results may leave a visible white residue once dry & or a sticky feeling.  Not a good look.

…Tip #4. If you’re no fan of clarifying your hair, making an exception here might bode well for stellar results.  Applying KCCC to hair loaded with product buildup is an immediate recipe for disaster.  I’d recommend using a non-sulfate poo, or ACV rinse to break up residual buildup from previous product use.

A lot of the times when rinsing out my DC, I don’t have a problem leaving just a small amount, it honestly helps to detangle and my leave-in of choice goes on much smoother, I had to nix on this by thoroughly rinsing the DC before making any strides towards styling. A clean slate of hair will save ample amount of time once hair is ready to dry.

Application took all of 45 minutes, and the Custard did leave my hair elongated and seemingly shiny and frizz free.  The stipulations of these are of course based on time.  24 hours after applying, my hair has experienced shrinkage that even surprised my own MUM, and while there is minimal frizz, the few sections that show signs are where I might’ve neglected to apply the product evenly (*having a water bottle handy sooo helpful! Hair really does need to be WET before applying the leave-in, followed by Custard).

The pic to the left shows a dramatic difference in how my hair initially looked right after application, again…shrinkage.  Something that I don’t mind in the least, yet shrinkage with the Custard leaves the curls a bit stagnant in one place.  I’ve been shaking, trying to free up the fro since this morning, and have little give.  The back portion of the hair is still damp in spots, and at this point I honestly do not care…fudge the frizz.

My biggest concern right now is making the style prolong until…jeesh, I’d say until Thanksgiving and I’ll be more than satisfied.  Tonight I’ll tie it down…or up in two ponies…spread a bit of KBB hair cream to soften up some hardened areas & also to increase the shine for the next morning.  Not really used to my hair looking curly without the benefit of sheen.

Most tips mentioned here & more can be found at There you’ll also find a product demovid using the Custard.  But in all honesty some of the best results ( I consider my 2nd go still a ‘Trial & Error’), head over to Youtube and peruse your search for Kinky Curly application vids.  TONS to choose & view.  My fav lately is from the already Fab Kimmaytube.  Her latest vid demonstrates the difference between the KCCC and the growing popularity of ECO styler gel, a less expensive alternative for many ladies. At $29.99 you’ll secure a hefty 16oz, while $17 will snag you the cool new 8oz jar.



4 Comments to “Day After: KCCC”

  1. Wow, you’re away on vacation and still manage to maintain the hair routine. I’m impressed!

  2. Wow! I am so glad you posted this. My next purchase is going to be Kinky Curly, but I had no idea that it took all this. I would have gone in blind if you had not posted this. Thanks again!

    • lol, it is very much a love/hate relationship with the Curling Custard, but I’ll look out for your results, always curious how others experience is;-)

  3. I will keep you posted as soon as I get a little more hair. 🙂

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