Learning the Hard Way

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Vacation days are coming to a close in a few days, and although I’m reluctant to admit it…I do miss NYC.  The weather here in FL. has been pleasant, plenty of soft sunny days to make a girl smile, and just the right amount of rainy days to force you under the covers to catch up on some old reading. I’ve caught up long lost sleep, languished in the loveliness that was Thanksgiving with family, celebrated a birthday bringing me one step closer to the big 3-0, and survived another round of Kinky Curly Curling Custard.

Survived, not yet mastered what for some is a random trial and error, and at this point with the second go round under my belt…I’m ready to just throw in the towel. For the most part application was easy. I washed/DC’d and applied the product to hair. Early instincts were relatively good. I had great definition, minimal to zero frizz and my hair was dramatically elongated.

All great factors in a good product. Now, if only all those factors would’ve taken my hand and followed me over to ‘dryland’. After the KCCC became fully dried, a full day and a half later…I had definition, but a bit less than after initial application.  Significant frizz popped up in hidden areas throughout my head…particularly the back.  Shrinkage, never really something I concern myself with….yet somehow, I slowly became unnerved as the days let on, and my hair shrunk…and shrunk some more when humidity wanted to play nice at high noon.

So, I’m done. And it’s not because of what I’ve just explained, it’s largely due to an unexpected irritation that popped up along my hairline a few days after using the KCCC. Painful irritations that had me looking in the mirror…asking myself if it was really worth it.

It was not.

I say all that to say…while I still like the product, it doesn’t fit well at all into my routine. My current gripe really, is not being able to commit the time to find a good balance when using the KCCC & also realizing my scalp issues really do dictate and control all hair related decisions.  Granted, as fast as these flareups pop up, they just as quickly calm down and disappear. Yet, trade-offs are not my thing when a product cost $25 bucks.

As much as I love dressing my hair in different products and conditioners each week, realistically I care more about hair health than the prospects of achieving any kind of ‘look.’ So Friday  found me up & early lightly washing the KCCC out of my hair, conditioning for a few with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration then twisting in medium/large twists with Afroveda‘s Shea-Amla Buttercreme under a bit of KBB hair milk. The twists were left in until this morning, unraveled and made to breathe in the Florida air.


I’m a Product Junkie, yes. Again, I love trying out the latest goop to hit the market just like the next girl who has her eye on the new HOBO bag for the new season. If you work hard, play hard, your hair in my opinion is a natural reflection of that. But first and foremost…I’m a realist. If it’s not ‘working’ move on.


*With that, I hope everyone’s Holiday was Blessed, and the prospects of an impending New Year are looking sweet;-)!


6 Responses to “Learning the Hard Way”

  1. Well in light of that review I’m bringing you good news – my step-daughter picked your name out of the little baggy – in other words YOU WON!!!!! the Naturi Intense Moisturizer Giveaway :o) All you need to do is email me your email address and Shelley of Naturi will get in touch with you to send out your product. Congrats :o)

    • Ahhh!!!!! thanks Laquita & of course your stepdaughter’s magic hands;-0!!! E-mailing info now..YeAh!!

  2. Have you figured out what in KCCC is giving you the scalp issues?

    • sadly no, which I guess is a bit odd because the last time I used it, I had no ill affects. I even made sure to use less product than necessary because often times when I use any gel-like styler, I get scalp irritations. It’s okay though, lesson learned;-)

  3. Hi

    I’m transitioning from locs to natural hair. I’ve had locs for nearly 9 yrs and so I’m really out of sync when it comes to hair regime and products for natural loose hair.

    Is it possible for you to give me product, herb, oil and hair regime recommendation? I’ve bookmarked your blog and will be prowling through it daily.

    Kind Regards


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