Lil Purple

Wavy Ruffle Shirtdress

Today’s my last day here in the Sunny State but I finally sneaked away to do a bit of shopping!  Still some amazing deals out there in the stores & online, so with the Holiday season pressing down even harder this year, I decided to invest a bit early in ‘the dress.’ You know ‘the dress’…the go to number made to impress all eyes during these festive days of the year.  But to be honest, I’m hardly ever the girly girl in the freak’em dress with high inched heels.  Comfort is a born necessity of mine, and it’s usually found with shoes closer to the ground & a cute skirt and top. But alas, when a girl sees a sale, and the weather outside is a balmy 82 degrees, something else tends to take over.  With my Mum in toe, we both tried on dresses at The Limited, where the sales in store will really make your head spin! I snagged this cutie pie purple number, and as soon as I tried it on, I KNEW! Why? The cutie comes with pockets!! Okay…along with the necessity of comfort to bring smiles to my face…functionality! I’m a huge fan, always have been, and the fact that the designers clearly had ladies like me in mind made me an instant fan. The pic really doesn’t do it justice…in reality the purple is a tad softer and the silhouette is killer!!  With a price tag less than 60 bucks…C’mon!

Combo Fabric Shirtdress

My Mum picked up this nice piece on the first try as well, and petite as she comes, it looked stunning! Small bits of happiness can sometimes start with finding the right dress, and I’m happy I can wipe my hands of the search until it’s time to hit up the holiday parties. To compliment the purple # I secretly snuck in a cute jewelry piece to match. Nothing more, nothing less, and I’m already set;-)!

Leaving Florida with a snazzy dress, good memories and an uber relaxed state of mind, yeah! Earlier today came across this super BEAUTIFUL video full of a bevy of well known ladies in the music biz. The artist is Shafiq Husayn, with ‘Lil Girl’ featuring Fatima. This vid just makes you happy on all levels;-)

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