If There Were a Santa…

…I’d ask him for all the shtuff I’ve accumulated onto one ginormous wish list over this past year. I’d tell him that I’ve been good & would he believe me if I said…frugal? Well…in a sense I have. The clothes buying, bag hoarding, hair product junkie femme has marginally mended her ways because of this thing called a recession.  AND has done so quietly because at the end of the day thankful is what she is for the shtuff already stashed in her closet….many still with tags & unscrewed tops.  But I digress.

Her name’s Mari, & she’s a Hobo. Over the past few months I’ve convinced myself her only home should be on my shoulder or dancing in my closet while I work. This is my idea of a NYC femme purse. Compartments galore, soft touchable leather & a strap that has no problem fitting the arm of an over-sized wool winter pea coat. She’s versatile, coming in three other fancy colors, yet…if there existed a soft tone black purse–> this is it for me. Small detailing on purses is equal to higher quality in my book, and for the new year I’m trying to consolidate the amount of crap I carry.

Her name’s Grace, and she was born a star. Chances are, this is as close as I’ll get to her greatness, even if it is on a Tee. Aside from that classy stare, I’m hip to the purple and the slogan, Do it With Grace. I aim to rock Tees both in Winter and Summer weather, and even though it might seem redundant, it’s more fun to travel in pairs.

CUTE! I love this site in general, but the Yin & Yang of both these are perfect for the weekend.  These two be favorites, with little MJ, I Want You Back coming in a pretty darn close third.  New at the shop is the Long Hoodie…and it’s exactly how it sounds. It’s a long 100% wool sweater with a hood large enough to store any sized fro during the colder months. I’m partial to the cute detailing and just how comfy it looks on! If it’s a laundry day, I’d want to rock this.

Why isn’t this hanging on my wall RIGHT NOW!? Andrea has finally made these beautiful prints available for purchase over at I Love My Hair, and I’m still oogling from afar. With or without Santa’s help, it’s an automatic get.  You really do want to add all to a cart and carry home, but I’m partial to the orange contrast and that fly side fade braid. The silhouette is gorgeous as well.  Top Sellers on the site are this &, ‘The Only Regret,’ which fittingly comes in a T-shirt for easier adornment. Plans to sloooowly swankify my tiny space are only real if I make plans & stick with them, which is a top goal for the ’10 new year. The list is growing, but at least it’s good with Urban Bazaar, The Pairabirds collection, and a new fav over at SableToothe Tiger….yeah the name…the NAME is sweet!

Because this one has my name all over it….literally, I’m almost certain we need to be reunited. Etsy is still more of a hit than a miss stop for me, thanks in large part to Darcy & not these #fails, but necklaces like these are perfect accents to any wardrobe. The entire Alona Lahav store is worth perusing. Most items are simple, colorful and have a remarkably soft feminine touch that’s veers slightly on vintage while still staying modern. AFFORDABLE! I like that a lot;-).

Luxe Deluxe has long been on my Etsy fav list with their Honey Bee Antiqued Brass Vintage necklace topping my list for what seems like months now. The store’s marketable theme is Wedding Bridal Jewelry, yet the selection is really for anyone who dreams of antique jewelry cascading down their neck or ears.  Sales abound here on the regular, and for the holidays many new items are 40% off.  Gift ideas are spottable with price tags sitting below or up to 30 bucks.

And just for fun, because cursing like a sailor when it’s BRICK while walking to the train station...may not be cute? I don’t know how I’d rock it, but given the right tear inducing breeze, I’d snag this chunky wrap neck warmer in a hot sec.

Alright, a list easily doable for Santa…and hopefully me;-)


5 Comments to “If There Were a Santa…”

  1. I was just thinking I need a new black bag similar to that one:)

  2. I looove Etsy. I don’t have the motivation to sit and sift through all the pages though. This condensed list of really cute stuff was awsome

  3. Awesome list! I’m especially lovin’ these necklaces.

  4. What a wonderful post, I am honor to be featuring here. Thank you so much

  5. Glad you ladies liked!
    @Alona, thanks so much for stopping by, your line is one of my top favs;-)

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