’10 is a Good Number…

Oh dear…so I’m not very good at these. Goodbyes of any kind. Yesterday, my little eagle Mum left the coup for sunny FL., and while I’m fairing better than last year when she left, dang it I’m still a bit saddened. I’m grateful for having a Mum in my life, but this seeing her only once a year nonsense must cease. This is a workable goal for the ’10 year, along with a few other straggly resolutions.  Last year, did not make resolutions of any sort only because it’s a greater disappointment to reflect on all you hadn’t accomplished upon the years closing.  I sound like a downer don’t I! But honestly, I love the prospect of looking towards newer/greater/brighter/expectations of any sort, and all around growth/support of family/friends rather than limiting my life to a box filled with redundant weight goals/health, job goals, etc. These are constants in my life. General practices of everyday that I’ll continue to improve on whether or not it’s a new year on the calendar or not.

Hair wise, other than the first year I BC’d…’09 has been one of the most eye-opening , knowledge filled journeys. I’ve learned and used products/advice from oodles of sources, started down the path of exciting fun filled projects (Hey Sophia!) and met and explored countless blogs/natural hair enthusiasts (Hi Tivia, still late but will hit u up;-)!!

Reasons for starting this blog almost a year ago were simple. Take control of my hair. Indefinitely. I’ve mentioned before, albeit briefly, struggles with heat damage & an overeager stylist. But truthfully it’s harder to explain…to put into plain text how distraught I’d become at the prospect of either cutting off all my hair or starting the process of growing out heat damage & fried colored ends. Hair is just Hair….blah blah…BLAH! Right, but paying some broad to destroy my hair over a period of months is not my kind of sweet candy.I was peeved not only at aforementioned stylist, but primarily myself for not knowing enough of my own hair health & tolerance.

I say all that to say…whether you’ve been natural for 10 yrs or 1 year, there’s always room to learn something new/old.  If you haven’t already let today, tomorrow & the New Year be your mark to start.  Open up your mind, pick up a book, ask your stylist the why’s and what’s of what she’s putting on your hair. If you’ve just BC’d, planning on chopping/tranistioning or have friends/family considering, direct them here, here, here & to so many other sites and forums devoted to what we put our time and love into caring for each and every day/week/month.

This post is going to be short, because even though it is just a day that separates a New Year from the old…there always remains a ton of ish to get done. So with that, a huge THANK YOU goes out to friends, supporters, fellow bloggers I’ve met throughout this past year. Some on Twitter, others here on Back To Curly & countless others on YouTube.

To my readers, those who’ve commented, e-mailed since the commencement of this journey with me, Chai sincerely appreciates the love!! (I talk in third person when I get sentimental, sawry!)  As a thank you, and for the blog’s 1st yr. anniversary, watch out for a sweet Giveaway in the coming days! A PJ always delivers, so it’ll be good;-).


4 Comments to “’10 is a Good Number…”

  1. Thanks for blogging girl! I enjoy your posts and look forward to more in ’10!

  2. Happy anniversary! See you in 2010!

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