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Feels like I haven’t done a review in a good minute, but this one I absolutely wanted to make sure I busted through. For every PJ purchase there is often a tale or two to tell, whether it involves faulty shipping, snippy customer service or simply waiting a lifetime for your goodies to arrive. Luckily this tale is void of nonsensical drama even though it throws back to Black Friday, when I purchased during the online frenzy using a coupon the owner graciously offered her Twitter followers.

Heard about Bee Mine products via YouTube and word of mouth, and because the owner reached out with the coupon & I’d heard nothing but great things regarding their Customer Service, on impulse placed an order.

Shipping was quick & very easy considering the influx of orders many online companies received during the Black Friday events. Order was placed on Nov. 27th,  soon received package a week and a half later.  In my bundle was the companies # 1 seller, Bee Hold Curly Butter. a shea butter & aloe  based moisturizer.  The butter is available in seven scents including unscented:

* Coconut Cream

* Baby Powder

* Chocolate Decadence

* Unscented

* Mango

* Strawberry Kiwi

* Island Mango (Tropical Mango)

I chose Baby Powder, which in all honestly might’ve been a bit too strong for my nose. I prefer light baby scent smells, & this came off a bit perfumery on top of the baby powder. Other than scent the ingredient list is short & good:

Ingredients –

100% Shea Butter, 100% Aloe Vera Gel, Essential Oil Blend, Glycerin Oil, Rosemary Leaf and Chammomile Extract, Silk Powder and Perfume

The butter was not what I’d come to know of traditional butter stylers, comparable perhaps to Afroveda’s buttercream or KBB hair cream.  The consistency resembled more of a pudding/cream than a butter and goes on silky without having to emulsify in hands prior. To me this is an added bonus. No need to be heavy handed as I tend to be, a dime size amount was used to coat a single twist while hair was sufficiently wet/damp. As the directions suggest, best results are achieved when product is applied to damp or wet hair then dried, yet I’d still love to dry it to slick back the front edges using a soft bristle.

The shea butter and aloe based curly butter is packed with rich moisturizing nutrients to give you lasting moisture and promote growth.  It has a soft touchable hold that will help to defrizz your frizzies and give great defintion

The butter does help to cut down on frizz and significantly defined my hair, enough to prolong my usual 7 day twist-out.  I twisted the hair for a Christmas party December 23rd, and didn’t wash out the style until January 3rd! To maintain the style & to retain moisture, I twisted hair every other night (not the entire head, just the crown and front third), and left the back ends in two pony puffs. The mornings were meant for fluffing and going, making me seriously LOVE this product. It does not feel product heavy, comes in a generous 8 oz size at $13.

I would absolutely purchase the Bee Hold Curly Butter again because of the great moisture it provided, considering I styled the do in pretty frigid temps over the Holidays.  With proper maintenance, this product should be good for two-strand twists, braid-outs, twist & curls, flat twists – pretty much any style that needs long lasting hold and ample moisture. Sample 2 oz sizes start at $4 – reaching the larger 16 oz at $23.  All other products from the line can be found here.


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  1. Thanks for reviewing this. The pj in me is putting it on the list.

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