Thank You’s & Contest!

Turns out I have plenty to be thankful for this past year. The list is plentiful and I haven’t the borrowed melancholy to jot them all down…except for a few.

A year ago today Back To Curly was created by a seemingly bored young thing, lamenting in the comforts of chips & dip about her heat damaged hair. I’d been distraught for weeks, heading to and fro many a beauty supply store to find a cure-all for the straight ends that were taunting me each time I got down to styling. I knew nothing about hair health, products to steer clear of, websites (blogs) full of uber knowledge, YouTube channels with ladies pouring out their own passions for all things natural. I knew nothing, but still felt I needed to contribute the ‘something’ that would help climb me out of this rut.

Chronicling my hair journey was that ‘something,’ and like our girl Sunshine emphatically points out, often times you just have to ‘Do It!’ A journey can’t begin until you have a clear goal in mind, yet you have to learn to envision it- whether it’s hair related, job related, relationship related…etc. By doing ‘It,’ you’re doing ‘You.’

So with that a huge ‘Thank You,’ goes out to the friends I’ve made in the past year, bloggers, real life ladies who continue to inspire me everyday, and even those I hope to meet in the future. A year ago I set out to start something, anything that would help vent my frustrations, and today I’m back on solid ground… ‘Back To Curly’ (pun intended;-), and it’s been more than a swell journey.

In a few weeks I embark on a different kind of journey (Grad School, Hoozah!!!), which has me excited/anxious/stir crazy/fearful/nervous – basically all those good feelings letting you know you’re onto something good! The blog will continue, cause a girl has to get her hair did, though to kick off what I hope to be an even better, inspiring year here’s a special Contest Giveaway! Most likely this is the only one I’ll be doing this year or for the foreseeable future, so trying to make it worthwhile;-)

Each week, baring all other shenanigans going on in my life, I succumb to what I’ve coined ‘The Process,’ essentially I set aside time to wash/condition/style my hair. It’s hard to gauge how many natural haired ladies I can help by outlining The Process each week, but ultimately the goal was to show that it is possible. I may grumble at times, fudge up a storm with expletives, and complain about detangling – but a few years ago I did not think it was at all possible. Paying someone else to do what I do today was the only option. By outlining what I go through each week, more than anything it serves to reinforce what no one else was ever willing to teach me: healthy/naturally/curly/textured hair starts with me. So, in a sort of homage to the fruits of my labor the prizes center on ‘The Process.’ 1 Winner will receive:

Rules for entering:

Easy as pie. You’ve thought about it before (hopefully), but I’d love to know as well. What inspires you about natural hair? Yep, that’s it! Wait…but, I really want to know! Be as creative as possible with your answer, i.e. video responses, pictures of the cities where you live, the natural community near you (here in NYC it’s BANANAS!), you can interview family, friends who are natural, or even just tell your story. If you’re transitioning, thinking of BC’ing…have doubts etc., all that can be included in a response.  These are just suggestions, but take it where you must. Entries can be left below in the comment section or emailed at with the subject line ‘Contest.

Contest ends Wednesday, Jan 20th at Midnight. Entries will be judged by a choir of lovely natural ladies & winners will be announced January 25th.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got.  Any questions leave a comment below & I’ll be sure to answer. Stay Blessed everyone;-)


6 Responses to “Thank You’s & Contest!”

  1. aaaw..THANK YOU for sharing your story with us, yoru reviews and all the healthy tips
    Looking forward to 2010

    • thanks for the support Amina, u r my PJ hero;-)

      • thank you 🙂
        here’s my entry by the way
        What inspires me about natural hair is how it forces you to discover who you truly are, be fearless about who you are and define your own standards of beauty. For many women, we had no idea what our natural texture without any chemicals looked like and it is a journey to self-acceptance, accepting that my hair will not look like Jane’s, my hair will not behave how I want it to be, my hair will not grow at the same rate as Jane’s.
        What also inspires me about natural hair is its versatility and how we can do it ourselves: from coils, twists, braids, twist-outs, rollersets, locs…the transformation is simply beautiful 🙂
        I am interested in KBB hair cream 🙂
        happy anniversary to your blog!

  2. Congrats on your going to grad school! I wish you the best. Lovin’ your giveaway! This looks fun.

    • Thanks, I’m excited & nervous at the same time! Do spread the word re: the giveaway…the more the merrier! The answers are really inspiring to read;-)


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