l’union fait la force…

I’d be a bit remiss if I didn’t post something on the tragedy that struck Haiti Tuesday, and not because there’s an enclave of sites devoted to the news over the past 48 hrs, or because celebrities and news media are Twittering pleas for donations… but because after coming home from work Tuesday night & hearing the news at a local deli around the corner from my house, I dashed home…on my way there dialed my parents number to see if they’d heard the news. I needed to hear their voice, the tone of my mother and father’s voice to reassure me that our family was safe.

Thankfully they were.

But what followed was not relief, it was utter and complete helplessness. And whether or not you’re Haitian, pain is universal & plain to see on the faces of those suffering.  I can’t bring myself to watch the news for minute on the minute coverage of the tragedy, mostly because over time…words aren’t enough, and reporters do stretch to find meaning in what’s happened, often times finding it in unfitting places such as past statistics on the country & it’s resilient people.

What I do know about the Haitian Community is that they are in fact a VERY resilient & proud people, and while keeping faith along with the promise of a prayer in mind to help those suddenly homeless & in need of aid, there’s so much WE can do here in the United States and all over the world.  I’d of course implore everyone to do their research before extending their kindness with a dollar, but do not forget the mission…to help.

*Doctor’s Without Borders

*thanks for reading, & stay blessed everyone.

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