Apropos: VH1Soul

Several years ago I was in need of help.  I needed a place to hide until the wears of being unemployed floated away & conversation with friends, neighbors were no longer strained & overly consumed by patterns of weather.  It was a few years after college graduation, I’d recently moved in with my loving grandmother to save on rent in NYC, & was barely getting by to pay my car note at the time. Woe was me, Blah!

My days were literally spent figuring out what to eat for breakfast, sending out resumes mid-noon, lunching on chicken kabobs and fries from the local deli, checking e-mails for replies, then dining on grandmother’s rationing of rice & beans.

You know what…it was all good. Jobless, but far from hopeless it was easy to keep abreast of my own sanity because I had music, I had a channel that was broadcasting in the only luxury I could afford at the time, VH1Soul. That’s right, even in the midst of a jobless moment, I had cable where the only channels ever perused were The Food Network,  Bravo & VH1Soul.

VH1Soul gave me my first intro to the talented, beautiful voice that you see below. The moment I was lost:

“….don’t you let those other boys fool you, gotta love that afro hair-do.”

Lost. I was back in a zone of complete love for music, Good Music because it was still happening, someone was still finding & playing it.  Ironically enough, it’s that ‘someone’ who’s shutting down the goodness by pulling the plug on VH1Soul. Word came round the sphere earlier this month, and to say that I was heartbroken & disappointed..would be a tragic understatement.

Granted, television & broadcasting networks are NOT what they used to be, and I’m venturing back to only 4 years ago. Drastic changes have propped up, all to benefit advertisers & executives rather than those that essentially matter—>the viewers. Yet finding blogs like Music Nerdery and hearing the same sentiments echoed by our fellow Bella, I knew this wasn’t just a flighty pull of the plug for some. VH1Soul matters to the masses because of those last four letters.

Are you game to have your voice heard? Click here to sign a petition granting you the right to Good Music, and here to show your support via the Save VH1Soul Facebook page. And while you’re at it, stay current on the shenanigans going on over at headquarters by following Music Nerdery.

Y’all remember SoulStage?! Lawd…

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