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I’ve made it no secret over the past year that I have a few scalp sensitivities. Many trips have been made to the dermatalogist over the years to help diagnose whatever it is that’s seemed to overtake the scalp situation. I’ve had varrying symptoms from, itchy scalp to soars and blisters to dry scaley patches.

It’s not pretty.

It has been a frustrating journey figuring out the causes, finding a solution & helping to maintain a balance that would not interfere with my daily activities. In the winter time I just do not have the energy nor time to wash my hair/scalp upwards of 3-4 times a week. I gave up the habit as soon as the hair grew down to shoulder length, and the detangling process set me back a cool 45min-1hr.

So, while the doctor remedied my condition with a whole host of oils, pills, foams & creams, I was still far from satisfied.  Ingesting a medicine cabinet while applying topical products with ‘questionable’ ingredients always made me a bit leery…and broke.

Lately I have been seeking out alternatives to help calm ‘the situation,’ and recently came across a VERY strong contender.  *Bee Mine’s Sensitive Oil Free Hair Serum was an impulse purchase after watching a Youtube gal demo it late last year. I was still in vacation mode, anticipating the Black Friday Extravaganza deals & took a gamble purchasing.

From the Site:

Bee-Sensitive ~ Oil Free serum ($14) comes to you by popular request for our family members with scalp conditions that prevents the use of oils. We’ve formulated this oil-free hair serum with love to help soothe the scalp and promote a healthy environment for optimal growth. The soothing and healing properties of organic aloe vera juice paired with select herbs can assist in alleviating the discomfort of many scalp conditions. Feel the calming and stimulating and effect of this oil-free serum and keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy. Specially created for those with dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and other sensitive skin condition

My scalp is not sensitive to oils, so while this is not marketable to me per se, I opted to use it ultimately because of it’s claim to heal the effects of dermatitis & other skin conditions.  I’ve been using the serum weekly for two months, applying directly to scalp after styling the hair. The serum is very runny, & took a bit of trial and error before landing the application down. I absolutely make sure to apply it on my scalp if I’ve been sitting under a dryer to dry my twists because I find my scalp to be most sensitive and lacking moisture after a wash. I massage the serum in (at night usually) and leave-in. I repeat about a day – a day and a half later to ensure effectiveness.

There is a small tinging sensation after first application, but nothing seriously close to burning or uncomfortable.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Herbal Infused Purified Water, Ayurvedic Herbs, Select Herbs, MSM, Fragrance, Paraben & Formaldehyde Free Preservative.

The Bee Mine Serum has been a staple in my rotation for the simple fact that it is compatible with what my scalp essentially needs, & frankly that is a very hard thing to do.  Today, I sit here with eight day hair, haven’t washed my scalp since last week’s Sunday and can safely say I have a flake free, scab free scalp!  Downsides to applying a serum with a water & aloe vera juice base, is the inevitable damp scalp. To avoid this I apply sparingly, because you really do not need to douse your hair in serum. To avoid applying liberally, the spray application is best as is shown in the picture, though mine did come with a pour nozzle. The roots of your scalp will be slightly damp after applying, but should not interfere with whatever hairstyle you are currently maintaining.

*product was purchased solely by Chai, of Back To Curly while maintaining an unbiased review


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