Monday Musing

I am officially sidelined today due to a stomach virus thingy that’s wreaking havoc on my body, so essentially all systems haven’t been a ‘go’ since Saturday evening.  My energy has been completely zapped, so not washing of the hair yesterday & most likely today….so what’s a stir crazy girl to do!!!

I really do feel as if I’m going a bit bonkers, I HATE staying home, particularity on a rainy Monday when all me fellow 9-5’ers are out commiserating with the world.  Sippin on nothing but ginger ale and chicken broth gets old after the first few sips.

But to make do & to help prevent any more inevitable boredom,  I’ll post a few reviews that have been waiting in the wings as drafts for a while. No time like the present.

Times like these usually call for updating my music pod, so will be doing just that…starting with this fine fellow. It’s a collection of ‘unreleased’ tracks from Dwele, whom I’m a huge fan of.  The full track set was released earlier this month, but personally… there’s no such thing as late if it’s free music;-)!

Click here to download full album.

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