L’il More Love

They’re calling for 8 – 13 inches worth of snow for the East Coast tonight into Wednesday. I live much too close to work to phone in with a snow day apology for the bosses, so I’m a bit miffed the city’s preppin for a shut down & city wide alert, while I’m hunkering down with some homework for class tomorrow night.


But alas, if the days were warmer and the streets were toned with the sun’s heat I’m sure I’ll have something else to complain about. Riiiight.

So! If you were snow-wrecked at home, how would you spend your days?

  • I’d make sure to download go out and buy this puppy. I….have no words. She’s that good. Own it. Love It.
  • I’d consider it a lucky day, finding this woman & her beautiful vocals. *(Ummm… free download)
  • I haven’t purchased….this…yet. Don’t have a reason. Except to say I bought this instead cuz….I’m a softee
  • This has been on heavy rotation for the past two weeks & will continue as such until I finish putting that book over there and attending to the laundry over…there.
  • I’d make sure to luv this dude a l’il more. *(too good)
  • This came today & I’m a kid again! Much needed after taking a trip to Ohio & meeting Lizzie.

I’m longing for Spring & warmer temps more than I should these days. Lately I’ve been torn between pinning for those illustrious perfect leather strapped boots & sizing up finds for upcoming spring dress purchases. Videos like this certainly do not make these decisions easy, but nonetheless it should at the very least put a smile on your face;-)!


2 Comments to “L’il More Love”

  1. Dear Winter,
    Stop it. Stop it now.


    Seriously, I’m done with these storms 😦

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