A brief checking in because seriously, these lazy bones have been something ludicrous this past week. Thankfully this thing called Spring Break has landed in my lap, offering up a bit more free me time to relax, relate & release! Even one upped myself by taking off from the ‘ol 9-5 to concentrate on my funnabilties: in essence I’m scheduling that long over due eye-brow threading, girlifying my nails with pretty colors & using up that year long spa gift certificate for a much deserved facial.

This is me excited {{{{YEAH!!!}}}}

Tomorrow is indeed hair day, and protective twisting thus continueth. I love my twists. I’ve missed my twists. These twists are taking up residency on my head for the foreseeable future. Last week was an attempt at chunky twists, which were then worn in up-do fashion for the remainder of the week. Accessories have buddied up with me to make the style look even more lovelier, which in turn has kept me searching for more hair goodies to buy! I’ve hit up upteenth places looking for bargains, and thankfully have come away with many deals. Today, in light of some insanely wet weather out, I took down the chunky twists just to indulge in a bit of Hand in Fro play. To twist, used an old combo of Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles under KBB’s Hair Milk, and still have moderately moisturized hair. A bit of frizz snuck in towards the crown but was easily concealed with a few hair clips.

On the hair-to-do list has GOT to be the last of my colored ends. Straggly little things are looking mighty lonely on the ends with no promising future, so me thinks it best to plan a snip-snip session. And soon.

Other things that have kept me preoccupied have been the beautiful movement happening over at Vogue Black. The feature on Debra Shaw is beautifully done. If you haven’t bookmarked this site….Ummmm…

I’ve been slacking on my BV Hair Talk but catching up is just as fun. Afro Hair is not just a trend. Dig it:

The afro has been a striking and significant fashion staple through the years – particularly in the seventies, an afro came to be anonymous with black power, political statements, and reclaiming one’s roots.

Today’s afros are different.

Today it can be about making a statement, but often you’ll find that it’s a personal statement of freedom, of beauty on one’s own terms, of effortless style.

There’s always tons to get down before the weekend’s over, and apparently we lose an ENTIRE hour because of something called ‘daylight savings’…? wth. Hmmm…but before the crankiness of losing an hour’s worth of sleep settles in, enjoy voting for our product guru Amina of Coup de Couer who made it as a semi-finalist for Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful Contest! This has awesome factor written all over it & because you can vote as often as your tippy fingers will allow….ga head and have fun;-)

Alright, an attempt at resuming regularly scheduled posting should commence…now. But first, ladies. Let’s not allow history to repeat itself. Yeah…it’s funny. Until it happens to you.

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