This is me, a product junkie.  Twenty-something & living in New York, I’ve been natural going on ten years, obsessed about the latest gunk juice since I managed to cut off all my straight hair back in college

I’ve been shunned by co-workers, family (yes, even the parents) for cutting my hair, but lately….this time around 3 years after my second BC, I just needed an outlet to chronicle what I use, why I use it and  the reasons why I could possibly never use it again.  This, like so many other women I’ve read about out there in curlyhairville, is my journey, my frustrations, but only a small extension of  ma vie;-)

Questions, Comments are always welcome! PJ’s as well as those with product suggestions can reach me at

4 Comments to “Moi”

  1. Hi! Just curious: what the heck is (1) AOHR; and (2) KBB? By the way, your blog is fabulous! And forgive the ignorance of my question, but I’m a little new to the whole “natural” thing, though I’m lovin’ it! Just made the big chop myself approximately 2 weeks ago, and have become inspired to develop a blog or website of my own to share with the world.

    Thanks! Look forward to reply.

    • lol..that’s fine! ‘AOHR’ is abbrviated for the deep conditioner I use called, Aubrey Organics HoneySuckle Rose. ‘KBB’ is also abbreviated of a leave-in conditioner I use from Karen’s Body Beautiful. AOHR is available in most stores that sell organic care products such as Whole Foods or Vitamin World (less expensive here btw;–), and KBB is sold online at, or if you live in the NYC, Brooklyn area you can stop by here store.

      Thanks for the question though, often times I forget it might sound like jibberish to those who’ve just recently done a BC or deciding to go natural, but CONGRATS on you the commencement of your journey! If you do decide to start a blog, do share! I love to hear about other’s natural journey, and thanks for the compliment on the blog;-)



  2. hi, booker t. mattison here. i saw your comment from dec. 7th that you enjoyed my novel Unsigned Hype. thanks for taking the time to read it! my second novel Snitch will be out in the spring of 2011.

    • thanks for stopping by! Hype was a good friend on the train ride into work a few weeks back. Looking forward to 2011, will keep a lookout for advance copies;-)

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