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April 11, 2010

Moving Day!

Fun things are happening in the coming weeks – starting today! I’m in the homestretch of my first semester in Grad School (WoOZah!), spring is finally here…no really, it’s GORG outside which means pedi/mani season has come upon us all, AND … I’ve found a new Home!!

Well, Back To Curly has – and she wants to show off a bit. She’s shinny and new, so please let me know what you guys think! I’ve really come to see this space as my getaway from all other norms in the world, and I sincerely appreciate the journey you’ve taken with me thus far…. soooooo meet me on the other side;-).

Click here to be redirected, or if any of you guys have trouble accessing the link e-mail me (, and I’ll fixer-up her.



February 17, 2010

Liberty of London for Target

Wait…is it possible to get this excited over patterns and prints?! What say you?

I’m new to the Liberty of London family, but I’ll be darned! Their latest collaboration with Target has got me swoooooning! I.want.everything.

My last Ikea haul means nothing to me now. Bring on Spring-ish colors, paisley prints, & floral patterns named Lucy.

via Oh Joy!

February 14, 2010

Flower Girls

These paintings are something beautiful to me. The artist is Margaret Bowland.

Click here for more

February 9, 2010

L’il More Love

They’re calling for 8 – 13 inches worth of snow for the East Coast tonight into Wednesday. I live much too close to work to phone in with a snow day apology for the bosses, so I’m a bit miffed the city’s preppin for a shut down & city wide alert, while I’m hunkering down with some homework for class tomorrow night.


But alas, if the days were warmer and the streets were toned with the sun’s heat I’m sure I’ll have something else to complain about. Riiiight.

So! If you were snow-wrecked at home, how would you spend your days?

  • I’d make sure to download go out and buy this puppy. I….have no words. She’s that good. Own it. Love It.
  • I’d consider it a lucky day, finding this woman & her beautiful vocals. *(Ummm… free download)
  • I haven’t purchased….this…yet. Don’t have a reason. Except to say I bought this instead cuz….I’m a softee
  • This has been on heavy rotation for the past two weeks & will continue as such until I finish putting that book over there and attending to the laundry over…there.
  • I’d make sure to luv this dude a l’il more. *(too good)
  • This came today & I’m a kid again! Much needed after taking a trip to Ohio & meeting Lizzie.

I’m longing for Spring & warmer temps more than I should these days. Lately I’ve been torn between pinning for those illustrious perfect leather strapped boots & sizing up finds for upcoming spring dress purchases. Videos like this certainly do not make these decisions easy, but nonetheless it should at the very least put a smile on your face;-)!

January 25, 2010

Monday Musing

I am officially sidelined today due to a stomach virus thingy that’s wreaking havoc on my body, so essentially all systems haven’t been a ‘go’ since Saturday evening.  My energy has been completely zapped, so not washing of the hair yesterday & most likely today….so what’s a stir crazy girl to do!!!

I really do feel as if I’m going a bit bonkers, I HATE staying home, particularity on a rainy Monday when all me fellow 9-5’ers are out commiserating with the world.  Sippin on nothing but ginger ale and chicken broth gets old after the first few sips.

But to make do & to help prevent any more inevitable boredom,  I’ll post a few reviews that have been waiting in the wings as drafts for a while. No time like the present.

Times like these usually call for updating my music pod, so will be doing just that…starting with this fine fellow. It’s a collection of ‘unreleased’ tracks from Dwele, whom I’m a huge fan of.  The full track set was released earlier this month, but personally… there’s no such thing as late if it’s free music;-)!

Click here to download full album.

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January 15, 2010

KBB & Haiti

If you’re still apprehensive about the ‘giving’ part in order to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, please keep this in mind as you stroll through the natural hair forums today, tomorrow & Sunday. Karen’s Body Beautiful’s Fabulous Free Friday is here, and with it comes a chance to make a difference.

The names behind the brand, Karen Tappin-Saunderson and Damani Saunderson are doing their part to help victims by matching contributions made by YOU. Stock up on some of your favorite hair & body goodies, but don’t forget to make a contribution…be it $5 or $50, your contribution will be matched by KBB, in addition products from the line will be shipped to Haiti aiding in the inevitable healing & transition stages.  Click here or on image to be directed to site.

*Click here for more ways to help the victims in Haiti

January 14, 2010

l’union fait la force…

I’d be a bit remiss if I didn’t post something on the tragedy that struck Haiti Tuesday, and not because there’s an enclave of sites devoted to the news over the past 48 hrs, or because celebrities and news media are Twittering pleas for donations… but because after coming home from work Tuesday night & hearing the news at a local deli around the corner from my house, I dashed home…on my way there dialed my parents number to see if they’d heard the news. I needed to hear their voice, the tone of my mother and father’s voice to reassure me that our family was safe.

Thankfully they were.

But what followed was not relief, it was utter and complete helplessness. And whether or not you’re Haitian, pain is universal & plain to see on the faces of those suffering.  I can’t bring myself to watch the news for minute on the minute coverage of the tragedy, mostly because over time…words aren’t enough, and reporters do stretch to find meaning in what’s happened, often times finding it in unfitting places such as past statistics on the country & it’s resilient people.

What I do know about the Haitian Community is that they are in fact a VERY resilient & proud people, and while keeping faith along with the promise of a prayer in mind to help those suddenly homeless & in need of aid, there’s so much WE can do here in the United States and all over the world.  I’d of course implore everyone to do their research before extending their kindness with a dollar, but do not forget the mission…to help.

*Doctor’s Without Borders

*thanks for reading, & stay blessed everyone.

January 4, 2010


Can I just start of this post by professing what I’m thankful for? Okay,….HEAT! I am in awe of it’s instant ability to make me breathe numerous sighs of relief and have joyous fits of happiness.

If you’re in the midst of a Winter Freeze….god speed. I am with you;-). That is all.

And with that, I have a confession. Yes, yesterday was Sunday…and Yes, I hadn’t washed/styled my hair since the last time I blogged about it a few weeks back. And…Meh, it was time to get down and condition-y with my dry nest. But really, REALLY, I did not want to. I had a strong case of…’oh my gawd, tomorrow is Monday, I do NOT want to go into work, can’t believe the Holidays/New Year’s is over, someone PLEAAAASE hide me….’ mode. There was epic grumbling erupting on my end of NY & it endured till the bitter end.

Sleepy Eyes

Typically, the game plan for the hair is layed out at least a day prior. I have a sensible idea of how to approach ‘The Process,’ i.e., thoughts of pre-poo/poo/condish/styler are floating in my brain long before I take a Denman to my hair. I find this helps speed up how long I spend on each step, leaving ample time to run leftover errands before the start of another work week. Right…yesterday was the Null approach.

Had to pre-poo (‘ol cheapie Vo5)  because I needed to scrub my scalp with Naked Natural’s Shea Butter & Avocado Smoothing Shampoo. I worked in the Shampoo directly to the scalp, massaged for five minutes before rinsing.  I’ve been using the Naked Naturals for…a good month, maybe a tad longer and simply love that it doesn’t strip my hair (thanks in part to the pre-poo) and leaves scalp feeling clean & free of product buildup.  At less than 7 bucks, it’s cost effective (still on my first bottle), a little goes a long way as does the usage!

Deep Conditioned with ol favorite Aubrey Organics HoneySuckle Rose. Okay…to illustrate how ‘Null’ this entire process actually was, let me disclose this. I put AOHR in hair at 3:30 p.m., detangled for 45min-1hr. Placed detangled twists under conditioning cap, headed to bed for a cat nap, which felt more like a hibernation after waking up at 5:30p.m. Waking up, decided my heating cap needed some love. More conditioning w/heat for another 45min-1hr (all the while napping). Wake up to cold-rinse condish out of hair and ultimately decide normalcy was not the flavor of the day, forcing me to forgo styling hair in medium twists to much larger twists in order to save on time and to catch up on more unnecessary sleep.  Styled with feverish fingers using KBB hair milk under Blended Beauty’s Happy Nappy Styles.

Finished twisting in a quick 45 min, then decided to dry using the Soft Bonnet. The twists this week were larger than usual, so air drying was a no go. It was 7:15-7:30ish when ‘lil ‘ol bonnet went to good use…it was around 11:30 when she & I both tuckered out. Apparently my hair was in no rush to dry, leaving me with a few slightly damp twists by the time my satin tied head hit the pillow well into the morning.

Waking up this morning, had a terrible case of Monday-itis, but le bouffant was kind to reveal soft, moisturized shiny hair! After untwisting, as is customary these days, I applied a dab of KBB hair cream to the crown and a bit on ends before fluffing and separating.  Overall, VERY happy with the results. Happy Nappy Styles is a go-to product for me, and will continue to be so during the winter months.  I use a small bit to do what I consider a big job on my hair, and the results are always satisfactory. Pics were taken after a day spent in 20 degree weather, and all still looks relatively shinny and moisturized.

Aside from a bit of halo frizz over the top, I can safely say this is the first time my outward laziness has effectively paid off! Next step is figuring out how to retain moisture for remainder of the week (or next).  Anyone else have lazy bones during Winter? I cannot, REFUSE to be going down this road alone.

Eh…Stay Warm & Toasty everyone;-).

December 31, 2009

’10 is a Good Number…

Oh dear…so I’m not very good at these. Goodbyes of any kind. Yesterday, my little eagle Mum left the coup for sunny FL., and while I’m fairing better than last year when she left, dang it I’m still a bit saddened. I’m grateful for having a Mum in my life, but this seeing her only once a year nonsense must cease. This is a workable goal for the ’10 year, along with a few other straggly resolutions.  Last year, did not make resolutions of any sort only because it’s a greater disappointment to reflect on all you hadn’t accomplished upon the years closing.  I sound like a downer don’t I! But honestly, I love the prospect of looking towards newer/greater/brighter/expectations of any sort, and all around growth/support of family/friends rather than limiting my life to a box filled with redundant weight goals/health, job goals, etc. These are constants in my life. General practices of everyday that I’ll continue to improve on whether or not it’s a new year on the calendar or not.

Hair wise, other than the first year I BC’d…’09 has been one of the most eye-opening , knowledge filled journeys. I’ve learned and used products/advice from oodles of sources, started down the path of exciting fun filled projects (Hey Sophia!) and met and explored countless blogs/natural hair enthusiasts (Hi Tivia, still late but will hit u up;-)!!

Reasons for starting this blog almost a year ago were simple. Take control of my hair. Indefinitely. I’ve mentioned before, albeit briefly, struggles with heat damage & an overeager stylist. But truthfully it’s harder to explain…to put into plain text how distraught I’d become at the prospect of either cutting off all my hair or starting the process of growing out heat damage & fried colored ends. Hair is just Hair….blah blah…BLAH! Right, but paying some broad to destroy my hair over a period of months is not my kind of sweet candy.I was peeved not only at aforementioned stylist, but primarily myself for not knowing enough of my own hair health & tolerance.

I say all that to say…whether you’ve been natural for 10 yrs or 1 year, there’s always room to learn something new/old.  If you haven’t already let today, tomorrow & the New Year be your mark to start.  Open up your mind, pick up a book, ask your stylist the why’s and what’s of what she’s putting on your hair. If you’ve just BC’d, planning on chopping/tranistioning or have friends/family considering, direct them here, here, here & to so many other sites and forums devoted to what we put our time and love into caring for each and every day/week/month.

This post is going to be short, because even though it is just a day that separates a New Year from the old…there always remains a ton of ish to get done. So with that, a huge THANK YOU goes out to friends, supporters, fellow bloggers I’ve met throughout this past year. Some on Twitter, others here on Back To Curly & countless others on YouTube.

To my readers, those who’ve commented, e-mailed since the commencement of this journey with me, Chai sincerely appreciates the love!! (I talk in third person when I get sentimental, sawry!)  As a thank you, and for the blog’s 1st yr. anniversary, watch out for a sweet Giveaway in the coming days! A PJ always delivers, so it’ll be good;-).


December 17, 2009

If There Were a Santa…

…I’d ask him for all the shtuff I’ve accumulated onto one ginormous wish list over this past year. I’d tell him that I’ve been good & would he believe me if I said…frugal? Well…in a sense I have. The clothes buying, bag hoarding, hair product junkie femme has marginally mended her ways because of this thing called a recession.  AND has done so quietly because at the end of the day thankful is what she is for the shtuff already stashed in her closet….many still with tags & unscrewed tops.  But I digress.

Her name’s Mari, & she’s a Hobo. Over the past few months I’ve convinced myself her only home should be on my shoulder or dancing in my closet while I work. This is my idea of a NYC femme purse. Compartments galore, soft touchable leather & a strap that has no problem fitting the arm of an over-sized wool winter pea coat. She’s versatile, coming in three other fancy colors, yet…if there existed a soft tone black purse–> this is it for me. Small detailing on purses is equal to higher quality in my book, and for the new year I’m trying to consolidate the amount of crap I carry.

Her name’s Grace, and she was born a star. Chances are, this is as close as I’ll get to her greatness, even if it is on a Tee. Aside from that classy stare, I’m hip to the purple and the slogan, Do it With Grace. I aim to rock Tees both in Winter and Summer weather, and even though it might seem redundant, it’s more fun to travel in pairs.

CUTE! I love this site in general, but the Yin & Yang of both these are perfect for the weekend.  These two be favorites, with little MJ, I Want You Back coming in a pretty darn close third.  New at the shop is the Long Hoodie…and it’s exactly how it sounds. It’s a long 100% wool sweater with a hood large enough to store any sized fro during the colder months. I’m partial to the cute detailing and just how comfy it looks on! If it’s a laundry day, I’d want to rock this.

Why isn’t this hanging on my wall RIGHT NOW!? Andrea has finally made these beautiful prints available for purchase over at I Love My Hair, and I’m still oogling from afar. With or without Santa’s help, it’s an automatic get.  You really do want to add all to a cart and carry home, but I’m partial to the orange contrast and that fly side fade braid. The silhouette is gorgeous as well.  Top Sellers on the site are this &, ‘The Only Regret,’ which fittingly comes in a T-shirt for easier adornment. Plans to sloooowly swankify my tiny space are only real if I make plans & stick with them, which is a top goal for the ’10 new year. The list is growing, but at least it’s good with Urban Bazaar, The Pairabirds collection, and a new fav over at SableToothe Tiger….yeah the name…the NAME is sweet!

Because this one has my name all over it….literally, I’m almost certain we need to be reunited. Etsy is still more of a hit than a miss stop for me, thanks in large part to Darcy & not these #fails, but necklaces like these are perfect accents to any wardrobe. The entire Alona Lahav store is worth perusing. Most items are simple, colorful and have a remarkably soft feminine touch that’s veers slightly on vintage while still staying modern. AFFORDABLE! I like that a lot;-).

Luxe Deluxe has long been on my Etsy fav list with their Honey Bee Antiqued Brass Vintage necklace topping my list for what seems like months now. The store’s marketable theme is Wedding Bridal Jewelry, yet the selection is really for anyone who dreams of antique jewelry cascading down their neck or ears.  Sales abound here on the regular, and for the holidays many new items are 40% off.  Gift ideas are spottable with price tags sitting below or up to 30 bucks.

And just for fun, because cursing like a sailor when it’s BRICK while walking to the train station...may not be cute? I don’t know how I’d rock it, but given the right tear inducing breeze, I’d snag this chunky wrap neck warmer in a hot sec.

Alright, a list easily doable for Santa…and hopefully me;-)