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May 12, 2009


curlMy laptop is playing nice again..even though I’ve still got fingers crossed! I dropped a but load of money to get it fixed so I’m just a tad nervous these days as I type…lol!

But I have to admit, it’s been frustrating, not only with my PC sickness but with my hair as well.  I went off course this past week, choosing to wash and style my hair on Friday as opposed to Sunday which threw a couple of things out of whack.  I had an event to look snazzy for and wanted the do to look just right…which it absolutely did! I pre-pooed with AOWC mixed with water, washed with Alaffia’s Neem Shampoo (added oils yet again), DC’d with AOHR, cold rinsed then styled with KCKT under Donna Marie’s Lock & Twist Pudding.  I’d started the whole process around…6:30’ish Thursday evening and finished by 12am.    I’d finished twisting by 9:30-10 and immediately began drying with my soft bonnet under the lowest setting.  Ironically, with all that drying time, my hair was STILL not dry by morning.

Yah…frustrating was the word of the week, waking up in the a.m. to damp twists knowing I had an event to attend that evening. So, frizz was sort of inevitable with damp twists…I did try my best not to manipulate it too much…after sealing each twist with Afroveda’s Hemp Butter I carefully let each go to do whatever.  Before leaving the house, I applied my trusty KBB hair cream for shine and ceased upon the ‘ol HIFS.

My hair did withstand the test of a normal work day, and I attended the event happy and confident in my hair….ehhhh, but I knew I’d be in for something lacking in the coming week.  The Process was a good one…but I was definitely hasty in applying product…a.k.a…I overapplied KCKT along with the Pudding.  The end result next day was over-moisturized strands that did not turn soft…instead turned a bit brittle and lacked my normal shine.

Today’s Tuesday and I’m nowhere near ready or willing to start down the lane of wash, style etc., which is unfortunate because what my hair needs right now is a good clarifying rinse ( I sorely miss my ACV), a good DC (under my heating cap) and styling minus the rush.  I’ve made the mistake of over-moisturizing before, and already know how to reduce frizz when drying hair so in essence I brought this on myself…lol! Monday was headband day…today was headband + pinup…

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,…..Bun, Bun…BUN!


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May 4, 2009

Processing Normal

curlStill waiting for April showers to bring some May flowers…but in the meantime I stayed home for the majority of this past weekend to clean my place and my hair!  A little nervous because while I recently did do a product haul, a lot of what I’d gathered together were mostly body products, etcetera for Mother’s Day.  I was out of my Donna Marie’s Pudding, out of all my fav Afroveda products, had next to nothing left on the Blended Beauty end…instead I had to improvise and dig deeeeeeper into whatever I’d had left or hadn’t used.

I pre-pooed this week with the remainder of my Nature’s Gate Hemp Condish before lightly rinsing and applying my Alaffia Recovery Shampoo.  Again, Shampoo was distributed with an applicator bottle, but this week to prevent that stripping feeling I’d felt last week, I added some TLC…a.k.a oils! Added about a TBSP of each:

  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Khoret Amen Hair Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil

 Shook all together in a bottle, evenly distributed and treated myself to a nice scalp massage.  I have to say, the oils DID in fact make a difference!  My hair came out perfectly cleansed and while I was massaging I noticed my curls defining and separating, which rarely happens with a cleanser (*exception Oyins Honey Wash.)

DC’d this week with Aubrey Organics White Camellia Rose which I’m determined to finish.  While I do like this conditioner and feel it’s quite effective while I detangle and twist…eh, the smell I could certainly do without, and compared to the Honey Suckle Rose…well lately there is no comparison.  The Honey Suckle Rose works a smidge better on my hair, at least in the moisture dept.  Next week I plan to use the remainder White Camellia as a pre-poo mix with H2O.

cocoahempAfter detangling and twisting I cold-rinsed and styled this week with KBB Hair Nectar paired with Donna Marie’s Cocoa Hemp Buttercreme.    I purchased this during my last product haul, and simply forgot I’d had it! For $10 bucks I had a 4oz jar with a creamy thick consistency, similar to a shea-loe mix, but with a strong cocoa scent! My only concern using this  was moisture.  I knew it had the power to moisturize my hair, but with recent change in weather I didn’t want to over do it, which is why I opted for a lighter leave-in with the Hair Nectar.

I applied both products, clipped my roots, said hello to my bonnet dryer for 2 whole hours and finally undid my twists this morning for the results.  Before untwisting, sealed with Afroveda’s Hemp Butter, and added a touch of KBB hair creme to soften the rest.  Final results are good! I highly doubt I’ll have to moisturize before heading to bed tonight because my hair feels soft, has movement and just enough shine.  I did forget to moisturize my scalp, which is a must later,  but overall I’m just happy to have my hair back after last week’s results with the buttercreme.

April 20, 2009

And the Winner Is…

curlOhhhhh rainy day! As I type it is raining buckets outside my window. I don’t get it…with such a fabulous weekend…weather wise etc., it’s still discouraging to see such a gloomy day….ALL DAY…?!! 

But I digress to say that it’s all good! I had a fun weekend with a trip to the museum and rocked a pretty fab twist out.  Again, I pre-pooed, washed and conditioned in record time this week!  Pre-poo done with some leftover Giovanni’s Tea Tree Condish mixed with a bit of coconut oil.  After, I hightailed it to the shower to rinse and apply my Alaffia Neem & Shea Shampoo.  I applied the poo with an applicator bottle, massaged for a good 2 minutes, then conditioned with Nature’s Gate Hemp + a palmful of AOWC.  I detangled my hair in the shower this week to cut back on time and remembered just how much I HATE doing this.  My hair sheds oh so much…and I was dodging falling hair left and right.  

Never. Again.

No deep conditioning this week, which means I didn’t get the chance to separate and detangle with my Denman…my hair didn’t like:-(.  I did a final cold rinse and left the shower anticipating an uphill climb while styling.  Eh…not so bad really.  This week I used Afroveda’s Curly Custard with KBB’s Hair Milk and twisted to pretty fantastic results in the a.m.  I clipped the roots down to avoid any potential frizz while drying with my soft bonnet dryer and sealed my ends with Afroveda’s  Hemp Butter.  


The Process was quick this week, and so is this post…lol! But as promised a winner for the Cantu Shea Butter Giveaway!


balloons_confettiCongrats to Afia!!  


A number  was randomly drawn using this fantastic site, to alleviate my agita of choosing a winner;-).  Thanks to everyone for participating, including those who e-mailed, I’m still purging my stash so more goodies tbd!

*Afia, e-mail me your address and I’ll send the Cantu your way;-)!  

April 7, 2009

One Snip at a Time

curlThis past weekend I took the plunge again and opted to trim a few remaining heat damaged ends off.  My last trim last December was a doozy, where I’d hastily cut off close to three inches, and where during the previous summer I’d cut off close to four inches of damaged ends.  The story is a long one, but in a nutshell my hair met a flat iron it didn’t like and showed me just how much by refusing to curl. It’s been an uncomfortable & frustrating ride, essentially styling my hair around the damaged parts but it was a lesson well learned!

This go around was a bit easier as far as trimming.  I’d pre-pooed before hand with my leftover Giovanni Tea Tree Condish, then after rinsing began sectioning my hair into equal parts.  I prefer to trim my hair while wet because I’ve seriously developed a phobia of anything heat related.  My hair WILL NOT go near a heat styling tool!  It’s a bit more of a tedious process, but gets easier with practice.  To smooth the hair down I used some remaining Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose mixed with water.  The consistency was still creamy, but light enough to easily absorb into my hair, making trimming much easier! Time wise, what used to take me over two hours was reduced to a cool 45 min or so! 

camellia1I partially rinsed the condish out of my hair before applying my ACV mix of Hemp seed oil and Vitamin E Oil.  The slip from the condish made massaging the ACV a lot easier…I massaged the mix into my scalp for five minutes before cold rinsing.  I followed with a palm full of Oyin’s Honey Wash to cleanse my hair, then followed with Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner.  This conditioner targets dry, coarse, unruly hair which is what I’ve been experiencing over the past several weeks. It’s also a smoothing conditioner which gives extra slip, and great for detangling.  Being one of the few conditioners from the line specifically for frizz prone curls, I was excited to try it out and compare to the Honey Suckle Rose. 

I DC’d for a bit over an hour under a cap, cold rinsed then styled with KBB’s hair milk & Afroveda’s Shea-Amla Whipped Butter Creme. This was the second time I used the Shea-Amla Creme with much better success!  My previous attempt was haphazard at best, with the end result a poofy coif.  Some weeks back I’d paired the creme with KCKT, then paired the KCKT with the Afroveda Curly Custard, experiencing the same poofy end.  On a hunch I decided to pair the Afroveda products with a KBB’s milk hoping the oil base of the milk would work…and found that it worked amazingly well.  Apparently the KCKT works best with styling products that have a water/aloe base, while the Afroveda line works best with oil based leave-ins.  My twists Monday morning were incredibly moisturized, bouncy and shinny! This week I’m seriously suffering from what a fellow blogger termed HIFS;-)!


This is of course just my hair experience.  If you’ve tried this combo before and achieved great results kudos! I’d luv to know if I was doing something wrong? KCKT is still my leave-in staple, but the KBB is coming in a real close second these days;-)!