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September 12, 2009


Alright, so it’s that time of year when you really can’t fight it anymore…it’s time to ditch the cute sandals for laced up kicks and closed toe shoes, layer-up that short sleeve blouse with a denim jacket or light sweater, and reassess the hair products you’ve been using over the past season or so.  I’ve done all this before, nothing new…but the feeling of being right back at square one is sort of hanging over my head.

I’m sorting through a lot of my old hair products, most that I haven’t used for whatever reason, or simply don’t know how to repurpose.  I’ve used perhaps…2-3 applications of each, but always find myself scratching my head, wondering where it is I could’ve gone wrong.  After carefully reading the labels, listening to other ppls. product reviews…I’m always just a bit disheartened to find that I could never get the product to work for me!

So! Instead of relinquishing defeat, I’m choosing to embrace a new season, and a new way to possibly incorporate it into my regime.  Somehow….SOMEWAY, these products will be used! I have several in my stash to go through, but today I’ll begin by featuring just one while continuing to feature others sometime down the line.

These are products that:

  • After following the directions still don’t understand it’s intended purpose
  • Spent too much $ on to either throw away or swap
  • Like the ingredients (for the most part) & want to hitch a ride on the love wagon


If anyone has used this before with moderate success, DO hit me up! I’ll be grateful for any suggestions;-)!

April 16, 2009

Carol’s Daughter: Hair Milk

hairmilk_lSo, what natural/curly head doesn’t have a story about their first time using Carol’s Daughter’s products? If you haven’t already, bets are it’s on your list for a post-BC purchase or a summer investment…I’m just guessing here.

But my own experience with Carol’s Daughter came after my second BC.  I’d just cut off my locs and was looking forward to sampling her line of goodies…a friend of mine who was natural at the time recommended and I gravitated towards their store in Fort Greene like a moth to a flame.  I was a bit timid at the time…and also a bit in awe at the scope of natural products and the sheer fact that they were all catered to women with natural hair.  What a beautiful concept!

After sampling & sniffing just about everything in the store from their cologne sprays, to the shampoos…body bars…hair balms…hair butters…Whew! I left the store with a bag full of goodies, including the infamous Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk.  This was a product I was most excited to try because let’s face it…what natural head doesn’t go gaga over the thought of your tresses being nourished by milk! It’s a bit of clever marketing, calling the product Hair Milk…but it works not just for Carol’s Daughter, but for a whole host of other lines that have come after.  I’m into the whole milky way thing….milk baths…hair milks…milk & honey soap bars. I LUV! For the most part it feels like home.

My first purchase was well over four years ago, when Ms. Price was just beginning the whirlwind tour success story that’s turned into a Sephora gig..etc. Both stores, the one in Fort Greene along with the one in Harlem were gems in my book…but there is something about making it to the halls of Sephora that lets the world know…dang it, I’m Here! If you were a fan of her line before you were either beyond thrilled to see your goodies become a bit more accessible (screw shipping costs!) or a bit disheartened at the possible commercialization of a line…their message, ‘Beauty by Nature,’ would be a bit hard to swallow.

Here’s where I take it back…waaaaay back to when I first started using this line and could count on maybe one or two hands the amount of ingredients that came in a tube of Hair Milk or Hair Smoothie.  Back then, it really did feel as if it were ‘beauty by nature,’ because most of the products required refrigeration or had to be used in a 1-4 week time frame.  I remember having images of Ms. Price and her line of natural ladies mixing potions in her home kitchen…maybe jivin to some Nina Simone in the background.  Crazy …yah. But this was the essence of Carol’s Daughter to me…a rare personalization that you experienced when walking into her store and seeing these beautiful women talk expertly about how to best nourish your hair, & how to best moisturize and cleanse your face. 

I continued to use Carol’s Daughter several months after my BC, but for one reason or another…(probably the price) stopped.  As my hair grew longer, I was drawn to more pocket-friendly products…gels and what nots that would not leave a growing hole in my wallet.  My hair is thick and requires  a heapin pile of product for styling! But I still loved the Hair Milk.  For freshly BC’d hair, it made my little twirls and kinks spiral and stay moisturized for a good day or so.  I had shine, softness and the feeling that I was on the right track as far as my hair went.

Fast forward to earlier this year…I’m much to lazy to go to Fort Greene, and Harlem seems like two worlds away, so I stop into my nearest Sephora and revisit my old friend Hair Milk.  The price….yeah, that went up.  But it wasn’t until I got home that I realized  the other changes.  The consistency was different…the ingredient list fit the entire side of my 8oz bottle…and some were a bit questionable.  Regardless, I tried it and for the most part still liked it! I used it mainly in the mornings to smooth down frizz and re-moisturize my twists.  With my hair longer this was the best use I found rather than using it as a simple wash-n-go styler.

And yeah…my hair is longer now, and for the most part is a bit more particular about what I put in it, and while the Hair Milk is okay for now…what it used to be was a bit more special.  Here’s what I do understand though… with reformulations, especially with a business that’s growing, expanding and moving in great directions…is that change is inevitable.  Ms. Price couldn’t have her products sit on the shelves of Sephora and deteriorate in front of customers.  The loss would be both hers and her customers of the natural hair community.

Yet, what I was hoping for were better alternatives to what was inevitably included in the new reformulation.  Personally I wouldn’t know how to spot an Amodimethicone in ‘nature,’ so I was surprised to see it in a lot of the now ‘new’ conditioners and moisturizers.  It’s all just hair products right…nothing to worry over.  But, I’m still sort of disappointed.  I won’t be re-purchasing my first forray into Hair Milk’s…and most likely a lot of the other products I’d wanted to sample again.  My commmitement these days is to find better alternatives and to really stick to a game plan.


Jeesh…this post is way too long so….et fin!

February 25, 2009


Summer is… 



…to me it’s anticipation.  It’s been a long winter and I long for cute print dresses, peep toe embroidered sandals, smelling like an almond cookie, sailing mile high on T-strap heels,  reeking of my favorite scents and oils no matter who’s next to me, carrying over sized embellished bags filled with summer reads…visiting Karen’s shop in BK for her wonderful creations…

Summer is also my time to divvy up my skin care routine, switching from heavy duty butters & cremes to light lotions.  I need my skin to BREATH in summer so I try to look for lotions that are not just light feeling, but the fragrance has to fit my personality as well.  During winter months I hardly experiment with scents,  usually I’m more preoccupied with finding a good moisturizer to combat winter dryness!  But the leeway summer offers is so enticing that I’m always inspired to try new body sprays, lotions on any given day of the week.

garnetMy absolute FAV over the years has been a lotion with the warmest of undertones, goes on light, yet moisturizes incredibly well.  Sage Jewelry’s Garnet Body Creme is hands down my go to scent for the summer because it last, last LASTS all day! You know something is worth the hype when you’re turning heads, and folks are hankering for advice on where to get.  I never worry about applying perfume afterwards, because really…I’d hate to mask the loveliness that is Amber & Vanilla!  On a whim I visited their site the other day and found a sale brewing! Needless to say I stocked up, mainly because rarely do they have a sale, and I’d be certain to kick myself later if I didn’t take advantage.

cookieMy other go to scent is another prized gem from Carol’s Daughter.  I can’t get enough of her Almond Cookie treats!! One of my new fav bloggers has been all over this line for some time and has blogged about the truly addicting smell, despite her love/torn relationship with the changing prices.  I’ll be honest, over the years the increase in price has deterred me from purchasing many things from Lisa Price’s line of goodies, but in the end I decided to pick just one item from her collection that I wouldn’t feel guilty when purchasing, and that ended up being the Almond Cookie Lotion and fragrance!  The highlight scent is sweet almond, mixed with marzipan, sandalwood and musk.  YUM!!  It’s sweet, without the over bearing smell of berries, which is why I’m so drawn to it.  I’m not gagging over the smell if I decide to slather it on, which I’ve been guilty of:-).



I know it’s early preaching about Summer, but I can’t be the only one!  What are your all time fav go-to products for summer?


February 17, 2009

The Process

curlYeah for long weekends! Monday was a national holiday which meant I stayed the hell home like a good employee;-). It really did feel like perfect timing, having that extra day to hit the streets and run the errands I’d needed to run for the past two weeks.  Nothing spells relief like finally doing your laundry after weeks of starring at a pile of crazy…!

But I digress to say that even amidst the lazy holiday weekend I did manage to do my hair…gave it it’s weekly dose of TLC on Sunday by ways of a Pre-Poo, ACV, Co-Wash and DC.  All good stuff.

giovanni_tea_tree_triple_treat_conditionerI finally restocked on KCKT last week, and while at my BSS picked up a new conditioner for my co-wash.  Giovanni’s Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner was a bit of a random purchase on my part, but my scalp missed that good ‘ol tingly feeling, you know that effervescent sensation you can only get from products that contain peppermint or tea tree? When in moderation, my scalp loves! This was my second purchase off of the Gionvanni line, the first being the direct leave in, and my kudos ranking for their stuff is growing! It worked as a better than average co-wash conditioner because it cleansed  without stripping, while leaving my hair feeling sufficiently conditioned, and low behold there’s a good reason why! Over at Jillipoo’s blog, there is a great recap on the importance of co-washing and the need for an added surfactant to ensure proper cleansing.  Some harsher surfactants are ones typically used in everyday shampoos, common ones are sodium laureth sulfate & ammonium lauryl sulfate.  But others that are less harsh and less stripping can be found in some good cleansing conditioners. Giovanni’s Tea Tree formula does carry a gentle cationic surfactant, Behenstrimonium Methosulfate, which in plain terms just means it provides sufficient conditioning while adequately cleansing the hair.  Yeah…alright, no more curl chemistry info, you can click here to learn more about surfactants.

After co-washing with the Tea Tree, I applied my ACV rinse then followed up with a mini-DC using Curl Junkie’s Curl Rehab (strawberry ice cream scent!). An added bonus for ANY DC is the luxury of using as little as possible to get the job done, and this does so in a pinch with just the right amount of slip for detangling!

oilBefore applying my ACV, I did manage to play part mixtress by adding a bit of nourishing oil to the mix.  I used something I’d had lying around for a while, but never found purpose in using. Khoret Amen Hair Oil by Carol’s Daughter was something my hair had grown accustomed to after my second BC and late last year I gravitated towards it once again.  It’s an olive oil base “infused with lavendar flowers and sage herb, then blended with essential oils of  ylang-ylang, clary sage, and bay leaf to aid in restoriing hair’s health and beauty.”  If used separately it makes for a decent hot oil treatment, and the infusion of patchouli and cedar wood helps to ward off itchy scalp and has anti-inflammatory/anti-fungal properties.  All well and good, yes…but with it’s herbal woodsy smell…it cut back significantly on the ACV odor I’ve been fighting with!

After my mini-DC (25 min under heating cap) I styled with KCKT and twisted with  Blended Beauty’s Happy Nappy creme. I untwisted my strands last night to cut back on my morning regime, and this morning am rockin the do just right! The one thing I did cut back on this weeks was my unrefined shea.  Basically there was zero need because the Blended Beauty creme has a strong shea base and I am almost certain I overmoisturized last week on my first attempt.  I think that was a good call on my part because my hair feels less weighed down and less product heavy;-)