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March 23, 2010

Reader Question: Fairy Knots

I hate that I don’t have much to update as far as my hair goes, and I will… without shame blame it solely on my new devotion to the twist. I have been on a two-strand twisting binge for the past few weeks, & each glance in the mirror further deepens my love for them. Alas, I can’t quit my twists, so instead my brain is nudging me to answer a reader questions that I’ve neglected for much too long;-).

liberalheart writes:

I am looking for some information on how to avoid or tame the little knot kernels at the end of my TWA. They are driving me crazy!!! I don’t know if I am the only person that suffers from this or not, I have been looking for info on the matter to no avail.

This is a tricky question for me simply because I never experienced knots at the end of my TWA many moons ago. I did however experience them a few months back when my hair was in dire need of a good trim. The ends of my hair were brittle, dry to the touch even after an adequate deep conditioning making the only option a snipping session.  Over time, you learn to rely on your instincts as far as when or how often to trim your hair, yet being forced into a trim due to knots and snarls is a whole other story.

During my TWA years, I rarely wore my hair out and about. My fro was, and still is naturally prone to dryness and while it was readjusting to a new texture…well, essentially it battled its own state of confusion as far as retaining moisture &  relating to its new environment. I was also on the fast track to obtaining length. I was obsessed with reaching a hair goal similar to my relaxed days. I was routinely fixated on all the natural haired pictures I came across while flipping through pages of Essence or Honey because in all honesty, they were few and far between. To protect my ends & to abstain from foreseen knotting, I wore protective styles for the majority of TWA years, prolonging the styles until my hair was well past shoulder length. I never endured snarls at the ends of my hair because they were always well hidden or protected from environmental elements.

Bottom line, if you & your hair are going through a period of frustration, it’s time to take a step back & evaluate your regimen.  Or, if you haven’t developed one, time to treat your hair to a regimen based on consistency.  No two heads of natural hair are the same. Ever, and this goes way beyond the surface & the look of one’s style, therefore no matter the length of your hair, knots are a part of a natural haired person’s life, & subsequently the factors attributed to these knots will vary from fro to fro.

One of my favorite bloggers, Alice of Diary of a Kinky Curly Transitioner, devoted a post to this sometime last year:

Fairy knots are tiny, single strand knots in your hair. They got their name from the fact they are so small only a fairy could have tied them! These generally appear on the ends and then work their way up if you don’t take care of them ASAP. If you wear your hair out a lot (wash and gos, wild and loose, etc.) you’re going to be more prone to them because your ends aren’t protected and when you add the nature of curly hair (curls on itself) you’re asking for some trouble.

There are two ways to take care of them:

1) Snip them off. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.

2) DETANGLE them out. This can be time consuming, I’ve had some luck with a heavy co-wash conditioner and olive oil. I gently combed the ends with my Denman to get them out. It took FOREVER and I snapped most of my hair off at the knots while detangling them so you’re REALLY better of with option 1.

Prevention is easy. Keep your hair relatively snag free (watch your collars!), condition and wear protective styles so the fairies won’t get you!

If you decide to detangle them out of your hair, be sure to use a wide enough comb, a conditioner with a variable amount of slip (a good cheapie is VO5’s Moiture Milks line;-), or be sure to add/use a penetrating/nourishing oil such as coconut or olive oil.

Figuring out which products work best for your hair is also quite important during TWA stages, though arming yourself with the knowledge of what your hair inherently needs is very different from shopping willy nilly for a whole host of twisting creams & gels. Determining your hair’s porosity, texture & moisture balance are all key to determining what products will work best on your hair. Marsha, from the fab Curl friendly line, Curl Junkie wrote a very detailed & informative post on this a few weeks back:

First let me say that we all have to remember that there are many factors that go into determining whether or not a product works for you. Here are just some things to consider (assuming you haven’t found your perfect combos yet):

1)Outside Weather – including Dew points, temperature, relative humidity, wind, rain, snow, etc…

2)How you treat your hair – Do you use heat regularly? Do you color your hair? Do you sleep on a cotton pillowcase vs. satin vs. whatever… Is it damaged or generally healthy?

3)Inside Environment – Humidity – is it relatively dry or most in your home or office?

4)Hair Texture – Fine through normal through Coarse (For the sake of this article, on a 1-10 scale, I’ll say that the very finest of hair is a 1 and the coarsest of hair is a 10). I find that most people who think they have really coarse hair don’t. This is mainly due to frame of reference. You’d need to feel truly coarse hair (which is typically given as Asian/Native American, although I have felt variations there as well and have seen the coarsest hair in my life on a Caucasian head…2 actually…and they were both red-heads…humm…). This isn’t to say that you aren’t right, but it is likely that your hair is in the 6-9 range. Just as with fine hair, you’ll be in the 2-4 range. It turns out, when I compare my hair strands with other folks hair, that I fall in the normal to fine range (about a 4)…that was a surprise to me!

5)Hair Porosity – Low-normal-high (which most people will not have unless their hair is damaged/bleached/etc). For the sake of this article, low porosity hair will feel smooth moving your fingers up and down the shaft and also has problems absorbing water/product/chemicals (you may see water beading up on the hair). High porosity hair will feel bumpy or a little rough (due to the cuticle layer not laying very flatly) and absorbs almost too much of everything (and will release it easily too, including moisture!).

6)Hair Density – Do you have a lot of hair on your head or very little (so you see your scalp easily)?

7)Wave/Curl Pattern – I think this a factor, although not the major one. For example, generally speaking, I think that if you have a weaker wave/curl pattern with fine-normal hair you may want to use a hard holding gel with your products to support your pattern.

8)Products you use on your hair – again, the quality, gentleness or harshness of the products you use regularly on your hair. Sometimes you can do damage with a harsh shampoo, sulfate or sulfate-free. Sometimes you need some protein and sometimes not. Sometimes you need a particular type of protein (like say the protein in an ingredient like Lecithin which even coarse heads seem to be OK with…).

9)How many times per week do you wash/condition/style your hair?

10)The temperature of the water you use to wash your hair…think about it, if you shower in hot water (like I do), then you create a great moisture rich environment for your hair to soak up moisture…you almost turn your conditioners into Deep Treatments! I find that even folks who normally avoid say glycerin in products, could use it in this environment and rinse it out (making sure not to use glycerin in their stylers). The glycerin helps to soak up the moisture in the shower air (this is not scientific, just what I’ve found! :-P)

Before giving into the frustrations of the fairy knots, try deep conditioning with a non-drying, silicone free conditioner that won’t cause an excess in buildup. Clarify your hair/scalp at least once a month ( Apple Cider Vinegar is a great option!), try protective styling! I used to LOVE wearing my hair in tiny two-strand twists which always produced the cutest curly fro, or moisturized single coils which are often easier to maintain and style than two-strands.

Hope this helps & you find a solution to those stubborn knots;-)!

January 11, 2010

Hair Fix

I’m excited. No, seriously I’m REALLY excited this week because I’m finding that trying something new can reap some ridiculously famous results!  Prompted by a conversation with a friend this past weekend, I decided that while it’s fancy and fun to stock up on all that a PJ wants, it’s even better to actually use it! Friend & I were talking product & hair, combos to stay away from, tips to try when I quietly hinted to the damage done this past Black Friday. I’d stocked up on ounces & ounces of butters/pomades/puddings and conditioners to last me well into the Winter/Spring, then carefully placed them off to the side in a sort of safe keeping.

Sounds silly right, safe keeping some of your goodies? Sounds a tad off,  now with hindsight as a decoder. I forgot that it is more beneficial to use up what’s purchased so that if necessary, I can move on and try more goodies… if need be. By no means am I trying to advocate future shopping binges, but rather forcing my hand a bit, saying that it’s okay to use up what you’ve got even though it might one day be gone. It’s irrational at best, but my sensitivity comes from….just nonsensical ish! Time to get over it, and this week was a start.

Life is much better when you pre-poo…I say. It’s frigid outside & by the time wash day rolls around my hair is on bended knee, craving moisture even before a traditional poo is applied.  I’ve bid adieu to ‘ol faithful, Vo5 Moisture Milks, to make way for the newbie Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle. The consistency is very creamy, easy to apply and the ‘tingle’ is felt almost instantly. I left on for a 15-20 minutes because I intended to massage the scalp with Naked Naturals Shea Butter & Avocado Smoothing Shampoo for a good five minutes, and did not want to over strip the hair in the process. Before applying conditioner I did take a quick pic of hair. Picture to the right is taken right after cold rinsing the shampoo out of hair, & prior to adding conditioner. In it’s natural state you can still see bits of remaining hair color that I’m still trying to grow out. The tips show the only visible signs of hair color, which means I’m about a month or two away from another good trim. Ultimately the goal is to get rid of all colored ends, because to the touch they continue to remain a bit brittle even after a good 45 min DC’ing. Other than the ends, the rest of the hair appears pretty healthy, and for that I’m quite happy;-).

Detangled then deep conditioned with Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose under a heating cap for an hour before cold rinsing. Took a chance on my own stash of products and styled this week with Darcy’s Botanicals Herbal Leave-In Spritz, just a few sprays to hydrate. The ingredient list is just too good not to:

Botanical infusion of Distilled Water, Organic Nettle, Organic Peppermint leaves, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Horsetail, Organic Marshmallow Root, Organic Coltsfoot, Organic Sage, Organic Hibiscus Flowers, Organic Kelp, Organic Sea Moss, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Aloe Juice, Sea Salt, Polysorbate 20, Litsea Cubeba, Tangerine, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, & Tea Tree Essential Oils, and a paraben free preservative.

Naturi Quench Moisturizer

Then applied a new favorite from Naturi Beauty, their Naturi Quench Moisturizer. Lucky me won a hefty 8oz jar of the butter during a recent contest hosted by Laquita and Shelley. Began using the butter on my skin once the weather here on the East Coast starting behaving badly, but stopped short after realizing I wanted to experience it on my hair as well. The site indicates that it’s best to use for twisting & braid-twist outs making it ideal to use as a weekly styler:

From the Site:

An intense moisturizing cream that rejuvenates dry hair and restores moisture and sheen. Hemp and jojoba oil strengthen each hair strand and aloe and honey create healthy, hydrated brilliant curls, waves and kinks. Great for daily moisture, smoothing edges and styling touch ups, works wonders for braids

Reasons for using the Naturi Quench were two-fold. I needed the moisture that only a butter could provide in order to use something I’ve had in the stash for way too long, Curl Junkie’s Aloe Fix Gel. I was hesitant to try the Aloe Fix for reasons I’ve lamented about here on this blog. I have a very sensitive scalp, & coincidentally sensitive skin.  Years ago, months after my first BC & even some moments after my 2nd, I’d routinely style my hair with Sleek n’ Shine’s aloe gel formula yet had never experienced ill side effects. Fast forward to last year, oddly enough a few days after reviewing it here on Back To Curly, I began to have quite visible allergic reactions.

To put it bluntly, I experience painful outbreaks on my skin when using the wrong gel. I haven’t experienced fun times with a gel in a good while, and gave up on drugstore brands to help slick back edges and twist. After the last Kinky Curly Custard application I was ready to completely shy away from any & all gel type stylers until I realized a hefty 16oz jar of Aloe Fix was idly sitting by, untouched.  So essentially, I made provisions.  Before applying the Aloe Fix, the spritz was applied, followed by the Naturi Quench Moisturizer. This was the only way I’d manage to use a gel on my hair during the winter, specifically to avoid the inevitable crunch & strong hold. I wanted definition in my twists, moisture, light hold without the crunch…and thankfully I got it!

From Curl Junkie’s Site:

Have curls that need a little control? This thick, rich, 98% natural/naturally derived Aloe based gel is formulated for hair with curls and coils. If scrunched into the hair it helps to give your hair definition, volume and bounce, and when smoothed into hair it can help stretch out the curls you have and add weight to hair to help elongate and define curls. You choose…It’s all in the application technique! Imparts lasting moisture and shine with aloe, glycerin, Vitamin B5, and Sweet Almond oil. If you are transitioning from a relaxer to a natural, try using this to smooth out the new growth. Can also be used for 2-strand twists or to slick back hair into ponytails or smooth flyaway hairs and refresh mid-day curls. Gives hair a fresh herbal/citrus scent.

Twisted into large twists using my new favorite combo, and unraveled this morning for some insanely gorgeous hair!  I’m tooting my own horn here, but you’ve gotta know that feeling when you’ve struck gold with a product combo, tried a new method, and somehow all turns out famously well! It’s time well spent…(6hrs to be exact;-). I’m happy with the results which yielded me zero crunch, significant shine & soft-medium hold that with proper maintenance should carry me through the week. More importantly, my hair is not stiff! Don’t you hate a gel that makes your hair act like a weapon? Ideally, you want a product that’s going to smoothe, deliver shine, and if you’re lucky a bit of nourishing properties.

During the Winter months I’m wising up with gels, pairing up beforehand with an adequate moisturizer as a leave-in, and some kind of herbal tonic for nourishment. What I loved about the Naturi Quench is that it’s a butter blend with water as it’s first ingredient. This helps the butter apply smoother onto hair that’s especially wet or damp and emulsifies clear on hands before applying. Paired with the Aloe Fix Gel, it really was the perfect combo!

November 25, 2009

Black Friday Deals

Y’all….STILL watching Food Network! I can’t…I mean, I LOVE food, and pre-Thanksgiving specials make me sooo very happy.  The holiday itself is such a treat, being surrounded by family and all the best foods you’ve long craved for throughout the year. I’ve already settled on a few side dishes to contribute to the grand affair…(Pumpkin Swirl Brownies, Roasted Sweet Potatoes w/Honey Butter, & The Ultimate Potato Gratin).  My Mum is the queen of the kitchen as far as the main dishes go, but it’s still nice to contribute something that will hopefully have everyone’s mouth watering.

I’ve got all my ingredients ready to go, but in the meantime it’s time to dish about all the great sales on the horizon!! Time to un-pinch a few pennies and treat yourself to some great deals. Curl Junkie’s having a one day sale this Friday, Nov. 27th with up to 50% off select items online.  In addition, receive 10% off orders of $50 or more… & welcome into the Curl Junkie family 5 all new products!! Snippets about each new reveal below:

Here’s the scoop…the new products are:

Beauticurls Daily Conditioner – an lightweight instant conditioner/detangler that is perfect for everyday use for all hair types.

Beauticurls Leave-in Conditioner – The companion to the daily conditioner, this is an emollient rich, yet lightweight, detangling, and glycerin-free leave-in.

Curl Assurance Smoothing Conditioner – Got Frizz? This is the conditioner for you. It is perfect for giving you daily moisture with just the right amount of frizz control. This will come in a 12 oz. size!

Curl Fix – Intense Hair Treatment – This is a wonderfully restoring deep treatment that is rich in proteins and amino acids to help your damaged/dry tresses. This is a well balanced treatment that does not leave your hair hard or dry. It can also be used in place of a leave-in as an all-day hair treatment. Wonderful for fine-haired curls as well!

Curls in a Bottle – Curl Styling Solution – This product is all you need to get your curls looking right. Perfect for all hair types especially fine hair, this hair styling liquid gel has a flexible, not hard, hold and due to it’s lightweight conditioners, it won’t dry out your hair. Works well with leave-ins and other styling products and adds great shine and bounce to curls! This also comes in a 12 oz. size!

Stop by Curl Junkie Friday, Nov. 27th for more details on each new product along with coupon codes.

Brown Butter Beauty’s having a 25% off one day sale this Friday, Nov, 27th.  Her Etsy store features Bath & Body goodies (handmade soaps, facial moisturizers, body splashes, body butters), and hair products.  My favorite so far is the Healthy Scalp Serum w/Babassu Oil, Acai Oil Rosehip Oil Rosemary & Monoi de Tahiti Oil.

Afroveda!! Sale!! Starts this Friday and ends Nov. 29th with discounts of up to 25% off. Nuff said.




The Miss Jessie’s yearly BOGO starts this Friday and ends December 31st.  If you’re near a Miss Jessie’s distributor, best bet is to stop in and stock up.  BOGO’s are traditionally honored in store as well.  A lot of ladies look forward to this deal all year, stock up and save on the worries of shelling out $58 for a jar of Curly Buttercreme.  BOGO does apply to anything of equal or lesser value, so depending on whether you’re a newbie to the line, trying the small 2 oz sizes might work, or if you’re a veteran opt of the 16 oz.

Another favorite, Darcy’s Botanicals is having a 25% off sale this Friday. Both the Etsy and regular site are temporarily out of stock to gear up for the sale, but Lysandra is also set to introduce a few new goodies to the collection!

Hairveda is also in on the fun! Details can be found here, but sources tell me all favorites and staples will be reduced (Vatika Frosting…).

Our Hair Care Aficionado over at Clutch Mag. Laquita is hosting a pretty awesome giveaway on her own blog All Naptural in conjunction with Shelley of  Naturi Beauty Blog. Both are offering goodies from both their lines, poo bars and hair moistruizers…two absolute essentials for the winter weather.   Click here to learn more about Shelly’s line of moisturizers, and here to stock up on Laquita’s poo bars. I’ve already entered both giveaways…because really why not! The Naturi Quench & Naturi Curli moisturizers really does look perfect for twists!

Alright, these were just a few, please drop me a line in the comment section or by e-mail if you’ve heard any other deals ( Right now, I’m off to buy a mixer for my dessert treats tomorrow (my Mum still prefers wooden spoons to mix…Whaaaaaa!!), a Target run is definitely in order;-)

February 26, 2009


So, Spring is somewhat in the air…n’est pas?  I thought I felt it on a breeze or two yesterday morning while walking to work, my gloves were tucked away in my pocket so my hands were free! What can I say, I give in to hope a lot when it comes to the weather…

I’ve got fingers crossed it’ll last through the weekend though,  because I’m seriously ready to stretch my legs a bit, do some walking in my neighborhood for a change. I’ve been meaning to swing by Karen’s shop in BK for the longest, but fall back every time…again, weather is somewhat of a deterrent for me. But I have determination as my ore and will take a trip, it’ll be a shame to pass up on the sale that’s going on!

milkApparently her uber popular leave-in conditioners are on sale @ buy 2 get one free! Now this applies to her milks, hair nectar and the super silky, and you can pick and choose your scents to your liking. The top favorites across the board have been lavender vanilla & chamomile sage, but I’ve got my eye on the sultry sandalwood.  The name alone wooed me!  Also, new to me is her Fabulous Freebie Fridays…? Don’t know what’s in store but I’ll check in to see what’s up. Click here to take a peek.


It sucks that February is such a short month though, I feel as if I’ve been scrambling to catch up on all the good deals left during the home stretch.  But as a gentle reminder Curlmart is offering 15% off your entire purchase, (excluding kits, curly cocktails, and Wen products) until the 28th along with a $7 flat rate charge, just enter coupon code blogger15 at checkout.  I’m still eager to see if they’ll have re-stocked some product hopefuls like the Oyin goodies, but we’ll see.


junkieI finally snagged my Curl Junkie Rehab!! I was afraid I’d been too late for the sale because my Paypal account was acting fuddy, but alas I saved and restocked on my DC.  The Curl Theory Mositurizing conditioner is also on the sale block for $14, something I’m looking forward to trying in the future. 



creme1Another Valentine’s Special is coming to a close over at  Miss Jessie’s camp with her Creme De la Curl Cleansing Creme (originally $20) & Creme De la Creme Conditioner (originally $26) marked down to $16 bucks.  I’ve never tried either product but have in fact purchased several of their other puddings and what nots.  The reviews for both haven’t been bad, the cleansing creme is somewhat thicker in consistency than the conditioner, but apparently both still work effectively.  Again, I haven’t sampled these, nor have I checked out the ingredient list, but if you’re a fan…kudos! Let me know how they work for you.

lockandtwist2I was also able to score my  new wonder, the Donna Marie Lock & Twist Pudding this week.  The site is updated and it seems to be back in stock, so I took advantage like a good PJ. I also snagged up another one of her goodies after hearing rave reviews from the curly/kinky community, but I’ll vote and reveal what it is later;-).  If you’re tempted to try her products you can purchase from here, or head over to where there’s a hidden coupon code on the homepage (if you can’t find it leave a comment down below and I’ll cough up).  I love this site because you can find just about the best of the best that’s out there for naturally/textured curly/kinky hair. There’s also a neat sale rack link with items at clearance prices!


What I’m really excited about is taking a trip over to Karen’s in BK, aside from her hair care collection, her body oils and butters are out of sight! The neighborhood is a fun and alive place to hang out if she’s quickly whipping up a batch of her special goodies, so if you’re in the area look her up and stop by, the sale applies to in-house as well but ends on March 3rd.



February 20, 2009

PJ News!

Dont’ shoot the messenger:-)


Hi Everyone,

We are giving everyone one last chance to try out our Curl Rehab Deep Treatment for $16 (orig. $20)! Our lightweight detangler, Curl Theory Moisturizing Hair Conditioner, is also on sale for $14 (orig. $16). There is also $6.95/$7.95 Flat rate shipping on orders over $100. Take advantage of these sales now since they won’t last forever! Hopefully this will make it a little easier to take a chance on some products you may have been considering for a while. Please do spread the word to let others know about this special as well. Remember to check out the Sales & Trial set link regularly as we will be sending out less emails to cut down on everyone’s mail! 🙂  Check out to get started!

As a reminder, we have our referral program to add more temptation…refer us to a friend who places an order and you will receive a coupon code good for 20% off your next order! How it works: Just be sure to have your friend enters your name into the comments field at checkout and we will email your code to you*!

Also, if you send us a picture of your hair with Curl Junkie products (please tell us which ones) in it for use on our website, we will send you a coupon code for 10% off your next order*!

*(These offers are good for one order only, and cannot be combined with other promotions or each other.)

Curl Junkie Hair Products, LLC


Patience is a virtue! Mmmmm…I think I need some Curl Rehab …



February 17, 2009

The Process

curlYeah for long weekends! Monday was a national holiday which meant I stayed the hell home like a good employee;-). It really did feel like perfect timing, having that extra day to hit the streets and run the errands I’d needed to run for the past two weeks.  Nothing spells relief like finally doing your laundry after weeks of starring at a pile of crazy…!

But I digress to say that even amidst the lazy holiday weekend I did manage to do my hair…gave it it’s weekly dose of TLC on Sunday by ways of a Pre-Poo, ACV, Co-Wash and DC.  All good stuff.

giovanni_tea_tree_triple_treat_conditionerI finally restocked on KCKT last week, and while at my BSS picked up a new conditioner for my co-wash.  Giovanni’s Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner was a bit of a random purchase on my part, but my scalp missed that good ‘ol tingly feeling, you know that effervescent sensation you can only get from products that contain peppermint or tea tree? When in moderation, my scalp loves! This was my second purchase off of the Gionvanni line, the first being the direct leave in, and my kudos ranking for their stuff is growing! It worked as a better than average co-wash conditioner because it cleansed  without stripping, while leaving my hair feeling sufficiently conditioned, and low behold there’s a good reason why! Over at Jillipoo’s blog, there is a great recap on the importance of co-washing and the need for an added surfactant to ensure proper cleansing.  Some harsher surfactants are ones typically used in everyday shampoos, common ones are sodium laureth sulfate & ammonium lauryl sulfate.  But others that are less harsh and less stripping can be found in some good cleansing conditioners. Giovanni’s Tea Tree formula does carry a gentle cationic surfactant, Behenstrimonium Methosulfate, which in plain terms just means it provides sufficient conditioning while adequately cleansing the hair.  Yeah…alright, no more curl chemistry info, you can click here to learn more about surfactants.

After co-washing with the Tea Tree, I applied my ACV rinse then followed up with a mini-DC using Curl Junkie’s Curl Rehab (strawberry ice cream scent!). An added bonus for ANY DC is the luxury of using as little as possible to get the job done, and this does so in a pinch with just the right amount of slip for detangling!

oilBefore applying my ACV, I did manage to play part mixtress by adding a bit of nourishing oil to the mix.  I used something I’d had lying around for a while, but never found purpose in using. Khoret Amen Hair Oil by Carol’s Daughter was something my hair had grown accustomed to after my second BC and late last year I gravitated towards it once again.  It’s an olive oil base “infused with lavendar flowers and sage herb, then blended with essential oils of  ylang-ylang, clary sage, and bay leaf to aid in restoriing hair’s health and beauty.”  If used separately it makes for a decent hot oil treatment, and the infusion of patchouli and cedar wood helps to ward off itchy scalp and has anti-inflammatory/anti-fungal properties.  All well and good, yes…but with it’s herbal woodsy smell…it cut back significantly on the ACV odor I’ve been fighting with!

After my mini-DC (25 min under heating cap) I styled with KCKT and twisted with  Blended Beauty’s Happy Nappy creme. I untwisted my strands last night to cut back on my morning regime, and this morning am rockin the do just right! The one thing I did cut back on this weeks was my unrefined shea.  Basically there was zero need because the Blended Beauty creme has a strong shea base and I am almost certain I overmoisturized last week on my first attempt.  I think that was a good call on my part because my hair feels less weighed down and less product heavy;-)

February 6, 2009

PJ News!

dollarzI’m LOVING all of the good deals out there these days! Doesn’t it seem like just about everyone is offering discounts on shipping, or willing to switch to bargain prices?! I’m a Product Junkie at heart, always have been, so I’ve always had to reley on ‘other means’ (second job, ebay;-) to fund my splurges.  Finding good deals on line falls under that category, and just plain ol being a smart consumer!  If I can’t find something on the swap boards over at then I digg around for bargains elsewhere.  Over the years I’ve also learned patience…to wait for the dollar to find me…and lately it has!


Curl Junkie’s  having some deals:


Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday!! Starting now through Monday, Feb. 9th, 2009 we are offering a $4 flat rate USPS Priority shipping on orders over $25 (US orders only), $5 flat rate on UPS Ground orders (continental US only) over $25, and $6 flat rate USPS Priority mail for orders over $100! Hopefully this will make it a little easier to take a chance on some products you may have been considering for a while! Please do spread the word to let others know about this special as well!

As a reminder, we have our referral program to add more temptation…refer us to a friend who places an order and you will receive a coupon code good for 20% off your next order! How it works: Just be sure to have your friend enters your name into the comments field at checkout and we will email your code to you*!

Also, if you send us a picture of your hair with Curl Junkie products (please tell us which ones) in it for use on our website, we will send you a coupon code for 10% off your next order*!

*(These offers are good for one order only, and cannot be combined with other promotions or each other.)


Curl Junkie Hair Products, LLC


 Curlmart is in on it too with their $7 flat rate shipping on all ground orders!

All Month, Fill Your CurlMart Shopping Cart To Your Heart’s Desire!
 Get $7 shipping on ALL domestic ground orders!
This is the time to try out new products and stock
up on old favorites. PS: No promotion code needed.


I’m not going to go crazy, but eh…a deals a deal;-)


 PJ Update: Over at  another goodie deal!!


Curlmart is offering the community 15% off
our purchases!!!
From now until 2/28/2009 save 15% on your entire purchase*
Use promotion code- CurlyNikki09
I’ve received word that they will be restocking our Oyin Juices and Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment very soon!

*Wen products, Curly Cocktails, collections,
and kits are excluded from this sale.







February 3, 2009

Curl Rehab Review

junkieHere’s the deal.  I am officially on second day hair as of this morning.  I washed, DC’d and styled my quasi- bouffant this past Sunday and have to say….my second day hair looks FABULOUS compared to yesterday! Honestly, I figured yesterday was going to be sort of like the pinnacle of the do…but after untwisting my hair this morning I shuffled my feet in excitement yet again!! Bounce. Shine. MOISTURE!! All three were present and accounted for and I love em for it!

But often times when I think back on all the good hair days that I’ve had in the past, I get this nagging feeling or desire to want to pinpoint exactly what it was I’d done differently, whether it was detangling differently, conditioning differently etc.

I tried a couple of new things Sunday, the first being my first go at an ACV rinse. That rocked out for sure! My scalp for the most part felt thoroughly cleansed and fresh.  Second, I applied Curl Rehab, a new DC treatment from the Curl Junkie line. Now, this was a treat to apply because, man the smell of this puppy is delicious. Third, I styled with Donna Marie’s Twist Pudding, a light styling product that acts like a gel but produces results like a creme…an automatic added bonus!!

But what every curly head knows is that the jumpstart to anything good hair related begins with good conditioner, and DC’ing with the Curl Rehab for two hours after my bentonite disaster last week was  certainly my jump start point… and perhaps even the way I’d sectioned the hair before applying.

I applied the Curl Rehab into smaller sections this time around to cut back on my styling regime, and my guess is the DC worked it’s magic! The consistency is light, and your hair will absorb this stuff almost instantly which makes detangling a breeze because of the slip. The smell is heaven, a true girl friendly mix of gardenia and coconuts…but a little goes a long way so apply sparangly!


Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Cetearyl Alcohol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail) Leaf Extract, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Leaf Extract, Melissa Officinalis (Melissa) Leaf Extract, Mentha Piperita (Pepperment) Leaf Extract, Yucca Leaf Extract, Rosa Mosqueta (Rosehip) Fruit Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupua Seed Butter, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Vanilla Planifolia oil, Cananga Odorata oil, Lecithin, Fragrance, Citric Acid.

After I rinsed the DC out of my hair, there was a noticeable difference in my curls, particularly the front crown of my head where my curls fall into looser waves.  When coaxed properly they behave into well defined ringlets, something I haven’t seen since my heat damage fiasco last summer…but my ringlets made a surprise appearance after I rinsed with the Curl Rehab!

It’s hard for me to say that my hair was simply just soft, which it was…but besides that it felt healthy, something  I’d been longing my hair to feel since I trimmed my heat damaged ends off last year.  Honestly it was personal vindication! My hair was finally willing to work with me, all I had to do was apply the right products/routine… and the Curl Rehab along with the ACV was my kickoff to that.

I’ve definitely found my DC treatment, so the search was short and sweet! I’ve cataloged Curl Rehab into my arsenal of products and plan to use sparingly when my hair needs extra TLC.  I’ll post a review for the Lock & Twist Pudding laterz;-)

February 1, 2009

The Process

curlToday I decided to change “the process” up dramatically by trying out a few different products and techniques. Last night I was tired from work but on a whim ended up pre-pooing for the first time in a loooong time.  I figured why not…let’s set up my hair for a deep cleaning/conditioning the next day.

So last night I pre-pooed with a new conditioner from Suave, the coconut scent, and saturated my hair while separating into big twists.  I didn’t detangle the whole head, but really just stuck to the ends to remove any loose strands that might’ve accumulated during the week…and their was a lot!! The less moisture my hair has, there is always inevitable hair shedding.  Sucks really…but it’s pretty common during the winter months.

After separating into twists I donned a conditioning cap and went to sleep.  Waking up this morning, I washed out the conditioner, still keeping the twists together for easier rinsing and mixed my ACV rinse.

Because I wanted to concentrate more on my scalp in terms of cleansing and removing buildup, I mixed the ACV in an applicator bottle I picked up at the BSS (beauty supply store).  Using the applicator bottle made a HUGE difference in my new routine and I have to say I made less of a mess! I usually have a tendency to drip puddles around my feet whenever I have the water running, so this was a great addition to the process!

I still had a bit of conditioner left in my hair so after applying the ACV I massaged the scalp thoroughly, then ran my fingers through my hair to sort of start the detangling process.  Now, I won’t lie…the smell of the ACV was strong! I mean it’s vinegar so it’s got it’s acidic alkaline properties down in every!

But after massaging the scalp  I made sure to rinse thoroughly.  The smell did linger a bit, which I was expecting so I did one more co-wash with the Suave conditioner.  

The next step was to DC with my Curl Rehab which was delivered earlier in the week (detailed review to come later)! I detangled with the Curl Rehab and my Denman, then retwisted hair into about 12 large twists.  I sat under a conditioning cap for a good two hours because I failed to DC last week.

Afterwards I jumped in the shower and rinsed my hair, having the twists still in place with the flow of the water coming straight down, a trick I found worked well in preventing my hair to detangle again.  Sounds strange, but I hold my breath for a bit while letting the water run straight down as if pouring a bucket over my head! This took a bit of practice when I tried it a couple of weeks ago because I’d switched to rinsing with cold water to alleviate frizz and add shine…but it’s amazing the difference it makes! 

So  after the cold rinse I applied my KCKT and styled my hair this week with Donna Marie’s Lock & Twist Pudding.  After twisting, because I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate my Coconut Oil into my routine after my Bentonite disaster, I decided to apply it to my scalp and also to seal my ends.  

Right now my hair is still damp, but my scalp feels amazingly fresh and clean from the ACV! I’m not sure what to do with the smell, but I’m determined to add this to my routine.  This was the first time I’ve ever used a rinse to cleanse my scalp rather than a simple co-wash or mild shampoo cleanser and I have to say I’m a true convert!! My hair did not feel stripped, it just felt clean!  I’ll post more results tomorrow…the true test is always after I’ve slept on my twists and how well moisturized they remain.

Overall though I’d love to stick to this routine for at least another week or two to see if it’ll help with my scalp issues…everything just seemed to flow really well…from the ACV rinse to the DC treatment and then finally the styling…easy breezy:-)

January 26, 2009

Product Haul: Donna Marie, Curl Rehab…

So this past week I’ve been a bit out of sorts, sick with the flu…staying home from work one day then dragging myself along with my packets of tissue to work the next, only to be sent home early out of pity from my boss.  Shame really…bottom line, the best way to take care of yourself while you’re sick is to first admit to yourself that you are sick, rest up and get better…!

But man, the days that I did stay home were a true test of my strength.  Even this past weekend I hauled myself in my place with just the right amount of groceries, so I didn’t have to step out in 17 degree weather,  checked out some of my favorite curl friendly blogs,  and luxuriated in season one of the Mary Tyler Moore show (season 1&2 on sale at Target for $19bucks!! ). 

Another thing I often do when confined to a spot for longer than a couple of hours is go absolutely stir crazy… so to alleviate this I buy products!!  I mean, they make it so easy these days with easier shipping/payment methods that I kept saying to myself…why not;-)


Lock & Twist Pudding

At the start of the weekend I lurked around looking for reviews on any Donna Marie product, a curl friendly line I’d been curious about trying for some time.  Most reviews were for the popular curly butter creme,  a product some have compared to Kinky Curly Curling Custard.  But because of the cold weather here in NYC I decided to keep that on my to-try list for the summer, and instead ordered the lock &t twist pudding! The product description from the site claims to make twists and locks moisturized enough to keep your hair soft and silky.  Not bad…I was pretty much sold on the moisturizing properties rather than it’s claims to make my hair silky…something that can happen in winter but I’ve learned not to bank on it’s magical appearance each week. 


Deionized water, aloe vera gel, carbomen, kokum butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, glycerin, flax seed gel extract, hibiscus extract, carrot seed extract, burdock root extract, agave nectar extract, silver citrate, potassium sorbate and natural fragrance.

Payment was fast and easy, and I received a confirmation that my product shipped the next day! Ohhh how I love to know that my products are en route…lol!

Next up I lingered around the new Curl Junkie website to see if I could put an end to my DC treatment search.  Often times I linger around sites, reading recommendations from users while taking note but often times hold back because DC’s often run a bit more $$! Makes sense if their intent is to give your hair more punch, but lately I’ve been drawing back on spending over $20 bucks on something I’d use several times a month. 

But here’s what I love, sites that offer discounts! Yes, introductary discounts on new products are something I can wrap my pennies around! Curl Junkie is running a sale until January 27th  on some of their new products, and luckily there was a 30% savings on a new DC treatment!.


Curl Rehab

Their Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair treatment has the main thing I typically go ga-ga over, and that’s moisture!

A description from the site:

Give your hair the moisture it deserves. Check your dry, frizzy curls into rehab! Let your hair drink in a wonderfully rich cocktail of Aloe, herbs, and healing butters & oils to rejuvenate and restore your precious curls! Wonderfully scented with the rich and beautiful Gardenia flower with a hint of Coconut and mystery, this treatment is excellent for taming frizz with much needed moisture. This is a real treat! This treatment is lightweight, yet moisture packed. Give everyone curl envy!

An added bonus for me lately as well is a glycerin free product,  a humectant that’s common in most conditioning treatments, but lately my hair is poofing from too much glycerin due to my choice of styling products and my co-wash conditioner.  I love BIG hair for my twist out’s but lately my big hair comes on first day hair rather than 3 day old hair and I’ve been fishing around for even more product to combat the poof! I love glycerin, but too much of a good thing is always not good for my hair…balance is key!

Again, processing was a breeze! My new DC shipped the very next day and I hope to have by end of week!

Oh dear…so I wasn’t done.  On top of lingering on the curly hair boards, I peeked into some youtube channels that offer hair care reviews, and found myself taking note on the growing popularity of another creme based moisturizer for twists and coils. 


Wet Set Pudding

Curls by Sisters Smith’s site looks a tad non-discript but the reviews for their products have been close to raving! The  product that really stood out was their wet set pudding curl enhancing creme.  The pudding is non-greasy, so it has no oils or waxes, gives you a light hold without the crunch similar to other holding products, AND for an $5.50 you can get a hefty 8oz jar to try!  The ingredient list floored me a bit because…well there are only three: glycerin, aloe vera, & olive oil.  Floored because I failed to notice any kind of preservative, which is odd for most curl enhancing products.  But eh…we’ll see…for $5.50 I’m willing to take a chance! Each batch is custom made according to your specified scent which range from:

  • unscented
  • green tea
  • vanilla 
  • summer garden 
  • summer citrus
  • floral blend
  • brown sugar
  • lavender
  • peppermint

By the end of the weekend I’d received confirmation that my pudding had been shipped, so they too are quick and efficient!

Whew! By Sunday Night I was feeling great! My products were on their way, I was saving the planet by using less tissues to blow my nose AND one of my favorite bloggers had a new post up…and oddly enough it had nothing to do with hair products.  Botticelli Babe is known for her more than honest reviews on curly-hair products and her willingness to try out the most random of stuff on her weird product Wednesday posts. 

This go round though,  her review centered on a staple she’d come to rely on as a showering soap, something she calls, ” creamy, often whipped-like, versions of […] soaps.”  The line, called Savor is an Etsy creation which means they’ve got a lot of love going into them, simply because the products are home based…and affordable!


Princess Bride

I purchased two of their frothy souffle soaps to sample, Princess Bride and one of their mini  chai creme fraiche scents! The pics on the site are delicious to look at, so here’s hoping they feel as good as they look on film!


I’m going to be in new territory with these new products so if you guys have tried any of them feel free to let me know how they worked, what you liked best, what didn’t work etc.  I rarely do product hauls, so this will hopefully last me until the end of winter:-)


et finir!