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February 6, 2010

Shanty Roller-Set

Over the past two weeks or so , I’ve managed to make a beautiful mess out of…stuff.

It’s getting to the point where the obligation to apologize for not blogging is resembling a crooked crutch I’m leaning on much too much. When did I last blog about my hair?


I’ll get the hang of it. Eventually. It’s all about organizing the ‘real’ and whatever else goes on ‘up there.’ My head’s been preoccupied with a flurry of syllabus’, due dates, group projects, new responsibilities at full-time job, remodeling this humble abode…figuring out a new budget loved lifestyle that befits a grad student.

Works in progress.  Such is life eh? But I suck still because while I’m filling the page with excuses, last week before the head hit for a doze, I kind of wanted to talk about my first attempt at roller-setting. Twas my first attempt & it was a good experience in that I was mindful in taking notes for the future.

Instead of going over wash/condition routines I need to pinpoint tips I might want to incorporate into future roller-set attempts.

  • Sectioning hair is VERY important

I took the willy nilly approach into setting the hair simply because I had every intention of putting the set in an up-do protective style for the coming week. Not the best approach because effectively parting the hair before it’ s dry and set in rollers, helps the curls to lay in a more proportioned manner rather than having one curl meet east & the other meet west. My outcome was fair, but it certainly lacked uniformity.

  • I ran out of rollers. Thinking you have enough rollers to set the hair as opposed to KNOWING you have enough are worlds apart when it gets down to standing in front of the mirror.

The rollers I’d purchased the day before, three packs of six. I had eighteen medium length/width rollers that I’d intended to roll the back portion of hair, while using longer/thinner rods to set the front. Not a bad idea, though the outcome wasn’t what I’d expected. The back of the hair once dried left me with nice bouncy ringlets, while the front was…not. It looked haphazard and not well put togehter. It’s best to keep the rollers within the same family in terms of length/width so outcomes aren’t as drastically different.

  • Styling/Setting products are just as important as types of rollers used

I used KBB hair milk as a leave-in, with Afroveda’s Curly Custard.  Speaking only for my hair, these two products are best used to two-strand twist, flat twist, braid etc., but…eh…, not particularly fancy for a roller-set. Proper roller setting requires the hair to lay smooth, not raised(?), which has always been a problem for my hair because of the few different textures that run throughout. My hair runs on the fuzzy side even on a good day, always has. Only product that could help keep the swelling down has been some added gel (which I’m adamant in NOT using) & a setting lotion.

I’m researching different products best used for roller-setting, which is a bit tricky – last time a roller set was done on my hair was during my relaxed days & setting lotions/products used then have ingredients my hair has grown unaccustomed to over the years.

I’ll definitely try the style again, overall the change in routines was well worth it. I did not do much in terms of styling for the rest of the week. I pinned the hair up quite often, and refreshed the hair with a bit of KBB hair butter & Jane Carter Revitalizing Spray when it turned a bit dry. This week (likely tonight) I’ll wash/DC the hair & resume my regular twisting schedule because homework beckons.

Still debating on doing an Amla treatment…Bentonite? I need a lil sumthin to treat my hair, these colder temps are not forgiving.

January 6, 2010

Thank You’s & Contest!

Turns out I have plenty to be thankful for this past year. The list is plentiful and I haven’t the borrowed melancholy to jot them all down…except for a few.

A year ago today Back To Curly was created by a seemingly bored young thing, lamenting in the comforts of chips & dip about her heat damaged hair. I’d been distraught for weeks, heading to and fro many a beauty supply store to find a cure-all for the straight ends that were taunting me each time I got down to styling. I knew nothing about hair health, products to steer clear of, websites (blogs) full of uber knowledge, YouTube channels with ladies pouring out their own passions for all things natural. I knew nothing, but still felt I needed to contribute the ‘something’ that would help climb me out of this rut.

Chronicling my hair journey was that ‘something,’ and like our girl Sunshine emphatically points out, often times you just have to ‘Do It!’ A journey can’t begin until you have a clear goal in mind, yet you have to learn to envision it- whether it’s hair related, job related, relationship related…etc. By doing ‘It,’ you’re doing ‘You.’

So with that a huge ‘Thank You,’ goes out to the friends I’ve made in the past year, bloggers, real life ladies who continue to inspire me everyday, and even those I hope to meet in the future. A year ago I set out to start something, anything that would help vent my frustrations, and today I’m back on solid ground… ‘Back To Curly’ (pun intended;-), and it’s been more than a swell journey.

In a few weeks I embark on a different kind of journey (Grad School, Hoozah!!!), which has me excited/anxious/stir crazy/fearful/nervous – basically all those good feelings letting you know you’re onto something good! The blog will continue, cause a girl has to get her hair did, though to kick off what I hope to be an even better, inspiring year here’s a special Contest Giveaway! Most likely this is the only one I’ll be doing this year or for the foreseeable future, so trying to make it worthwhile;-)

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January 4, 2010


Can I just start of this post by professing what I’m thankful for? Okay,….HEAT! I am in awe of it’s instant ability to make me breathe numerous sighs of relief and have joyous fits of happiness.

If you’re in the midst of a Winter Freeze….god speed. I am with you;-). That is all.

And with that, I have a confession. Yes, yesterday was Sunday…and Yes, I hadn’t washed/styled my hair since the last time I blogged about it a few weeks back. And…Meh, it was time to get down and condition-y with my dry nest. But really, REALLY, I did not want to. I had a strong case of…’oh my gawd, tomorrow is Monday, I do NOT want to go into work, can’t believe the Holidays/New Year’s is over, someone PLEAAAASE hide me….’ mode. There was epic grumbling erupting on my end of NY & it endured till the bitter end.

Sleepy Eyes

Typically, the game plan for the hair is layed out at least a day prior. I have a sensible idea of how to approach ‘The Process,’ i.e., thoughts of pre-poo/poo/condish/styler are floating in my brain long before I take a Denman to my hair. I find this helps speed up how long I spend on each step, leaving ample time to run leftover errands before the start of another work week. Right…yesterday was the Null approach.

Had to pre-poo (‘ol cheapie Vo5)  because I needed to scrub my scalp with Naked Natural’s Shea Butter & Avocado Smoothing Shampoo. I worked in the Shampoo directly to the scalp, massaged for five minutes before rinsing.  I’ve been using the Naked Naturals for…a good month, maybe a tad longer and simply love that it doesn’t strip my hair (thanks in part to the pre-poo) and leaves scalp feeling clean & free of product buildup.  At less than 7 bucks, it’s cost effective (still on my first bottle), a little goes a long way as does the usage!

Deep Conditioned with ol favorite Aubrey Organics HoneySuckle Rose. Okay…to illustrate how ‘Null’ this entire process actually was, let me disclose this. I put AOHR in hair at 3:30 p.m., detangled for 45min-1hr. Placed detangled twists under conditioning cap, headed to bed for a cat nap, which felt more like a hibernation after waking up at 5:30p.m. Waking up, decided my heating cap needed some love. More conditioning w/heat for another 45min-1hr (all the while napping). Wake up to cold-rinse condish out of hair and ultimately decide normalcy was not the flavor of the day, forcing me to forgo styling hair in medium twists to much larger twists in order to save on time and to catch up on more unnecessary sleep.  Styled with feverish fingers using KBB hair milk under Blended Beauty’s Happy Nappy Styles.

Finished twisting in a quick 45 min, then decided to dry using the Soft Bonnet. The twists this week were larger than usual, so air drying was a no go. It was 7:15-7:30ish when ‘lil ‘ol bonnet went to good use…it was around 11:30 when she & I both tuckered out. Apparently my hair was in no rush to dry, leaving me with a few slightly damp twists by the time my satin tied head hit the pillow well into the morning.

Waking up this morning, had a terrible case of Monday-itis, but le bouffant was kind to reveal soft, moisturized shiny hair! After untwisting, as is customary these days, I applied a dab of KBB hair cream to the crown and a bit on ends before fluffing and separating.  Overall, VERY happy with the results. Happy Nappy Styles is a go-to product for me, and will continue to be so during the winter months.  I use a small bit to do what I consider a big job on my hair, and the results are always satisfactory. Pics were taken after a day spent in 20 degree weather, and all still looks relatively shinny and moisturized.

Aside from a bit of halo frizz over the top, I can safely say this is the first time my outward laziness has effectively paid off! Next step is figuring out how to retain moisture for remainder of the week (or next).  Anyone else have lazy bones during Winter? I cannot, REFUSE to be going down this road alone.

Eh…Stay Warm & Toasty everyone;-).

November 30, 2009

Learning the Hard Way

via Tony Straw


Vacation days are coming to a close in a few days, and although I’m reluctant to admit it…I do miss NYC.  The weather here in FL. has been pleasant, plenty of soft sunny days to make a girl smile, and just the right amount of rainy days to force you under the covers to catch up on some old reading. I’ve caught up long lost sleep, languished in the loveliness that was Thanksgiving with family, celebrated a birthday bringing me one step closer to the big 3-0, and survived another round of Kinky Curly Curling Custard.

Survived, not yet mastered what for some is a random trial and error, and at this point with the second go round under my belt…I’m ready to just throw in the towel. For the most part application was easy. I washed/DC’d and applied the product to hair. Early instincts were relatively good. I had great definition, minimal to zero frizz and my hair was dramatically elongated.

All great factors in a good product. Now, if only all those factors would’ve taken my hand and followed me over to ‘dryland’. After the KCCC became fully dried, a full day and a half later…I had definition, but a bit less than after initial application.  Significant frizz popped up in hidden areas throughout my head…particularly the back.  Shrinkage, never really something I concern myself with….yet somehow, I slowly became unnerved as the days let on, and my hair shrunk…and shrunk some more when humidity wanted to play nice at high noon.

So, I’m done. And it’s not because of what I’ve just explained, it’s largely due to an unexpected irritation that popped up along my hairline a few days after using the KCCC. Painful irritations that had me looking in the mirror…asking myself if it was really worth it.

It was not.

I say all that to say…while I still like the product, it doesn’t fit well at all into my routine. My current gripe really, is not being able to commit the time to find a good balance when using the KCCC & also realizing my scalp issues really do dictate and control all hair related decisions.  Granted, as fast as these flareups pop up, they just as quickly calm down and disappear. Yet, trade-offs are not my thing when a product cost $25 bucks.

As much as I love dressing my hair in different products and conditioners each week, realistically I care more about hair health than the prospects of achieving any kind of ‘look.’ So Friday  found me up & early lightly washing the KCCC out of my hair, conditioning for a few with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration then twisting in medium/large twists with Afroveda‘s Shea-Amla Buttercreme under a bit of KBB hair milk. The twists were left in until this morning, unraveled and made to breathe in the Florida air.


I’m a Product Junkie, yes. Again, I love trying out the latest goop to hit the market just like the next girl who has her eye on the new HOBO bag for the new season. If you work hard, play hard, your hair in my opinion is a natural reflection of that. But first and foremost…I’m a realist. If it’s not ‘working’ move on.


*With that, I hope everyone’s Holiday was Blessed, and the prospects of an impending New Year are looking sweet;-)!

April 7, 2009

One Snip at a Time

curlThis past weekend I took the plunge again and opted to trim a few remaining heat damaged ends off.  My last trim last December was a doozy, where I’d hastily cut off close to three inches, and where during the previous summer I’d cut off close to four inches of damaged ends.  The story is a long one, but in a nutshell my hair met a flat iron it didn’t like and showed me just how much by refusing to curl. It’s been an uncomfortable & frustrating ride, essentially styling my hair around the damaged parts but it was a lesson well learned!

This go around was a bit easier as far as trimming.  I’d pre-pooed before hand with my leftover Giovanni Tea Tree Condish, then after rinsing began sectioning my hair into equal parts.  I prefer to trim my hair while wet because I’ve seriously developed a phobia of anything heat related.  My hair WILL NOT go near a heat styling tool!  It’s a bit more of a tedious process, but gets easier with practice.  To smooth the hair down I used some remaining Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose mixed with water.  The consistency was still creamy, but light enough to easily absorb into my hair, making trimming much easier! Time wise, what used to take me over two hours was reduced to a cool 45 min or so! 

camellia1I partially rinsed the condish out of my hair before applying my ACV mix of Hemp seed oil and Vitamin E Oil.  The slip from the condish made massaging the ACV a lot easier…I massaged the mix into my scalp for five minutes before cold rinsing.  I followed with a palm full of Oyin’s Honey Wash to cleanse my hair, then followed with Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner.  This conditioner targets dry, coarse, unruly hair which is what I’ve been experiencing over the past several weeks. It’s also a smoothing conditioner which gives extra slip, and great for detangling.  Being one of the few conditioners from the line specifically for frizz prone curls, I was excited to try it out and compare to the Honey Suckle Rose. 

I DC’d for a bit over an hour under a cap, cold rinsed then styled with KBB’s hair milk & Afroveda’s Shea-Amla Whipped Butter Creme. This was the second time I used the Shea-Amla Creme with much better success!  My previous attempt was haphazard at best, with the end result a poofy coif.  Some weeks back I’d paired the creme with KCKT, then paired the KCKT with the Afroveda Curly Custard, experiencing the same poofy end.  On a hunch I decided to pair the Afroveda products with a KBB’s milk hoping the oil base of the milk would work…and found that it worked amazingly well.  Apparently the KCKT works best with styling products that have a water/aloe base, while the Afroveda line works best with oil based leave-ins.  My twists Monday morning were incredibly moisturized, bouncy and shinny! This week I’m seriously suffering from what a fellow blogger termed HIFS;-)!


This is of course just my hair experience.  If you’ve tried this combo before and achieved great results kudos! I’d luv to know if I was doing something wrong? KCKT is still my leave-in staple, but the KBB is coming in a real close second these days;-)!

March 16, 2009

The Process

Internet is still down, but I’m pushing forward;-)


curlAs of last week I’ve made a commitment to sort of cease on purchasing any impulse buys related to hair.  At this point, it just didn’t make sense placing an order for something new if I haven’t even dugg my fingers into what I’d just purchased two weeks ago.  So this week was all about using up old timers, coupling them with new goodies in order to purge my PJness.

I pre-pooed again this week, and I’m thinking it’s just out of habit now.  My hair enjoys it no doubt, and makes the follow up ACV application a bit easier to massage in.  My hair is already semi-moisturized and all I have to worry about is working the mix into my scalp and giving it a good massage.  I tried a different pre-poo conditioner using Giovanni’s Deeper Moisture  conditioner.  Applied this in sections followed by my ACV rinse. 

Lead by my growing desire to achieve optimal results with my ACV rinse, I’m still adding my Khoret Amen Hair Oil, but this week added a couple tablespoons of organic honey, along with a couple drops of tea tree oil.  What I was going for was a mix that would help to remove buildup from my hair/scalp but also offer me that tingly fresh feeling I often crave.  I applied the mix using an applicator bottle and massaged for a good five minutes before rinsing with cold water.  Lately I’ve been inspired by other mixtresses out there who are taking charge of their tresses & budget by putting together amazing concoctions.  Amina of Coup de Coeur  fame was able to infuse her ACV with hibiscus and rosebuds! The results look so pretty, and could inspire anyone to cease and mix. 

I then followed up with Oyin’s Honey Wash, rinsed then DC’d with Aubrey Organics HoneySuckle Rose condish. Again…nothing but love for this conditioner! It glides amazingly well through my hair and works well when left for 25-45 min under a conditioning cap.  After my final cold rinse I decided to forgo my normal leave-in, KCKT, for KBB’s hair milk for experimenting purposes.  I wanted to pair KBB’s hair milk with Afroveda’s Curling Custard because I noticed a halo of frizz after using the custard with KCKT. 

The consistency of the KBB is light and worked a lot better with Afroveda’s Curling Custard.  Alone, the KBB milk left my hair well detangled and soft.  When paired with the custard, my hair instantly turned silky and well moisturized.  The true test of course is when all is said and dried, so this morning I was anxious to see how my twists turned out.  Unfortunately some were still a bit damp, but that was my fault for covering my hair with a night cap instead of letting it air dry:-(.

But the big reveal was a success! I have soft twists/curls with movement and zero frizz thus far. Earlier I’d been concerned about the frizz factor because it wasn’t dry 100%, but after taking the twists down I applied a smidge of KBB hair cream for a bit of added shine as well as to smooth down any potential frizz, and went about business.



 Countdown to Spring: 4 friggin days!!