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May 6, 2009

Bits and Pieces

scarfI’m finding myself restless these days, and in need of some good vibes, so I’m turning to shopping! Well, at the very least…’window shopping.’  Summer’s around the bend and I need to add some color and pop to my wardrobe, and head bands  and scarves like these fit the bill.  This one is a scarf/headband with an elastic base for easy ties. A bit on the pricey end at $72, but it’s versatility and color  is what’s so appealing!  During the summer months, when my mane tends to swell under the pressure of heat and humidity, this would work in a pinch to cinch and hold it down.  I’m never quite sure if it’s me…the method in which I tie or clip my barrettes, but I ALWAYS seem to clips1break them in half, or tear apart the elastic.  I’ve long given up on finding the perfect clip to hold my hair in place, instead I clip sections of hair to the side, or up for a different look.  These are also from the L. Erikson Collection and are too cute!  At $32 for one, eh…still pricey, but would be a nice treat on a special occasion to make any outfit pop! 

bandAgain, color, color, COLOR! I’m addicted to how lively and happy a bold mix of practically anything makes me! Last month I landed on a blog that absolutely reeks of good vibes and creative juices, and truly makes me smile each time I read a post.  Fly is an innovative blog that shoots out inspiration for the ‘fabulously creative’ on a regular basis, and while there I caught eye of these adorable bands!  I think what’s important for any woman who wants to make a statement, stand out and feel comfortable in their own skin is originality and detail…and these have just that! Feathered headbands seem to be the new ‘it’ trend this season, yet for some reason I haven’t jumped on the wagon.  The subtlety of these are sort of more up my alley as opposed to something over-sized…

band21At a more affordable price range, most from $12-$14,  with the more elaborate designs reaching ’round $32, I’d love to stock up! The line is called BAMBAKO, and it’s run by a recent college grad who started creating these gems in February of this year.  She gives each a distinguishable cute name like ‘Madame,’ ‘Zanita,’ & ‘New Slang,’ just to name a few….perfect for personalized birthday gifts!  Their are countless to choose from in a variety of different colors, patterns… and even a sale section that I’ve been eyeing for some time.  My only hope is to find a headband that won’t give me the elusive headache after less than 2 hours of wear…nonetheless it’s still time to divvy up  my accessory line so I’ll give em another go;-)!